The Bitpanda Global Exchange (Bitpanda GE) is the European digital asset exchange you’ve all been waiting for. As it goes live, it’s important to keep in mind what makes the Bitpanda Global Exchange the go-to exchange for traders in Europe and around the world.

1. European exchange with ultra low fees

In fact, we’ve got the lowest fees for a Euro exchange, while also remaining competitive in that respect with regards to crypto-to-crypto exchanges. When you use BEST to pay your trading fees, you will receive an extra 25% reduction across the board in both maker and taker fees (this feature will be introduced in Q4 2019). In addition to this, the higher your trading volume, the lower your fees get. Don't believe us? Check out our fee structure here.

2. High liquidity for € trading pairs

As we’re based in Europe (Vienna, Austria to be exact), offering high liquidity for popular € trading pairs was one of our priorities. In this respect, current supported trading pairs include: BTC/EUR, BTC/USDT, ETH/EUR, XRP/EUR, MIOTA/EUR, ETH/BTC, XRP/BTC, MIOTA/BTC, PAN/BTC, BEST/BTC, BEST/EUR and BEST/USDT, with many more to come over time. Overarching all of this is Bitpanda’s goal of providing every asset that’s already supported by the Bitpanda platform on the Global Exchange as well.

3. Built for professional and institutional traders

The Bitpanda Global Exchange is an advanced trading platform and digital asset exchange which has been built with professional and institutional-level traders in mind. From the features that drive our overall trading interface to our ability to offer personalised trading bots, to our wide set of supported assets, our Global Exchange caters to what all levels of professional traders find most important. All of this is driven by our philosophy of continuous refinement to all products in the Bitpanda ecosystem, including the Global Exchange.

4. Worldwide availability

Overall, the Bitpanda Global Exchange will grow atop the foundation of our existing connections that we’ve built with the Bitpanda Platform since 2014. This means that it will not only be available in Europe, but all around the world (excluding the USA and China). In addition to this, fiat deposits will be supported in 54 of these countries.

5. High performance and throughput

The Bitpanda Global Exchange was built with the key goal of facilitating state-of-the-art performance across the board. This includes being able to facilitate high throughput and a high overall performance in both peak times and times of low volume. Because of this, we’re able to offer reliable and customisable trading bots, as well as continuously add new features and improve existing features.

6. State-of-the-art API

With the Bitpanda Global Exchange’s API, you’ll find it easy to create customisable trading bots, connect different external services like trusted portfolio apps, and get real-time access to all relevant market data, but don’t take our word for it, check out our full API documentation here.

7. High-end security

The safety of your funds is very important to us. In building our Exchange’s security protocols, we drew from our experience with the Bitpanda platform in order to offer industry-leading compliance and security across the board. Moving forward, we will continue to implement state-of-the-art security solutions as we scale.

8. Top-notch, fully responsive UX

The future of trading is borderless. Everything about the Bitpanda Global Exchange looks and feels top-notch, including the trading framework and the overall UI, which easily scales across all types of devices so your trading is no longer limited depending on where you are. From the get-go, the exchange’s web app will work on smartphones, tablets and laptops.

9. The wide array of funding and payout options

Not only is the Bitpanda Global Exchange integrated with the Bitpanda platform for easy deposits and withdrawals, the exchange’s integration with SEPA allows for the direct funding of any account for anyone, anywhere in the world. In fact, since all of a user’s accounts in the Bitpanda ecosystem are interconnected, moving money in and out will truly be an effortless experience since each user only needs to be verified once, either on the Bitpanda platform or on the Bitpanda GE. All of this makes it easier to utilise strategies like dollar cost averaging to effectively manage your investments.

10. The Bitpanda Launchpad

With the Bitpanda Launchpad, companies will be able to seamlessly launch IEOs with the backing of both the Bitpanda Global Exchange and our growing user base. Over time, we aim for the Launchpad’s portfolio to grow to a truly diverse set of digital assets including tokenised real estate and other tokenised items like metals and even stocks. Simply holding 5,000 or more BEST before the Launchpad goes live gives you priority access to all of these offerings from the start. The Bitpanda Launchpad will be released in 2020.

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