Hello, Bitpanda community! Here’s a write-up of the best questions from the AMA we held with Paul last week. Get comfortable and I hope you enjoy reading it:

What are you doing exactly to bring some more users and volume to the Bitpanda Global Exchange?

The Exchange is for institutional customers primarily and we are currently performing the necessary steps to get them on board. There are a few things they need that we are now working on providing for them. In the last few weeks, we have been working tirelessly to increase liquidity, to add the necessary features and improve performance dramatically. Once we onboard more of those very big users, the activity on the exchange will spike. You can already see higher liquidity on BTC/EUR for example, that allows even very big trades to be settled without much moving the market. We want to increase this drastically to satisfy the needs of all the parties we talk to.

Anything coming soon?

We will release two new assets in the next weeks and at some point in the next few months, BEST fee paying will be activated. There is many other projects in the pipeline that will improve the Bitpanda platform drastically.

Are you guys actively working on trade contest/events or similar?

Once we have very strong liquidity on the exchange, we will start to roll out those promotions. The problem with doing it earlier is that we want the participants to have the best experience possible i.e. with high liquidity in the markets.

Are there any plans for the GE in order to improve the trading view? (e.g RSI, EMA, drawing tools) also, when will BEST and PAN be listed on Coinmarketcap?

Yes, we are working on the more advanced features! The problem is if you just use the standard features, the lines you draw and all indicators are deleted on each refresh. We are working on this and will release it and announce it on our Global Exchange Twitter account so nobody misses it.

All the markets on our exchange will be on TradingView but I don't know their internal timeline on when they will release this. My team is in contact with them constantly though. Coinmarketcap is working on this too, we provided everything for them and are poking them daily to remind them to integrate faster. You can already see the templates in their search results but the data is not live yet.

Are you targeting more of European /Asian/American investors?

Our home base was always Europe so that's where our focus was and is. The market is still not saturated and we are growing here, especially on the broker side. We will increase our efforts to capture those markets in the very short term and we have also hired some amazing people which we will announce in the coming months! Midterm, we will also add new big markets outside of Europe as we also see that the potential there is immense. For the exchange, we are in talks with institutionals from all over the world as we are in direct contact with them and it's not so important to have already fully captured that market for retail customers.

Stay tuned for future AMAs!

We always have such a great time chatting one-to-one with our community and it’s very important for us to consistently improve communications.  We’re making great progress towards achieving the vision of democratising investing.

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