Bitpanda is partnering with Charlie Shrem as we delve into all things Bitcoin and crypto on his podcast. We are excited to announce that we are sponsoring Untold Stories with a pre-roll and mid-roll in every episode!

Charlie Shrem is an acclaimed Bitcoin enthusiast known for a somewhat turbulent relationship with the industry and has been a prominent figure in the Bitcoin scene since 2011, when he bought his first bitcoins whilst in college. He was the co-founder of what was one of the biggest cryptocurrency platforms around, BitInstant. But the rapid growth of the company proved dangerous as he found himself in prison for some time.

Charlie believes Bitcoin will make it easier for society to protect their money and will enable people to become their own banks, no longer needing to rely on traditional institutions. Charlie Shrem’s journey as an investor and entrepreneur is as interesting as it is inspiring — not just for crypto enthusiasts. You can read more about it here.

So what is this podcast about?

“In order to understand the what, you need to go back and understand the why. In my podcast, we listen to industry experts, people who built and shaped the Bitcoin and crypto world to where it is today,” explains Charlie Shrem.

As an advocate of Bitcoin and a founding member of the Bitcoin Foundation, Charlie Shrem’s podcast is about exploring the stories of some of the world’s most influential people in the crypto community. Guests on his show talk about how crypto is changing the economy, the art of investing and their personal viewpoints on developments in the industry.

Listeners can expect exciting stories from industry experts such as Arianna Simpson, founder of Autonomous Partners, Galia Benartzi, co-founder of Bancor, Taylor Monahan, founder of MyCrypto, Steven Nerayoff, CEO & founder of Alchemist and many more.

Learning from the past

Drawing from ample experience and familiarity with the highs and lows of Bitcoin investing, Charlie Shrem knows all facets of the trade, so to speak, and immerses his listeners in his unique story in every episode. Whether you are just interested in crypto, a master trader or merely curious to find out more, Charlie Shrem covers a vast range of topics regarding Bitcoin and its future in his show.

“We’re really excited to be sponsoring a podcast that tackles real issues and topics in the crypto community. We’re looking forward to future projects with Charlie,” says Bitpanda co-founder and CEO Eric Demuth.

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