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We are proud to announce that Bitpanda Pro and Bitpanda ranked top in their respective category in an in-depth comparison conducted by leading independent finance platform and the SWI Hamburg., which is a subsidiary of, analysed all available broker and exchange platforms. All of the contestants needed to have high euro trading volume and needed to be already established and known.

Bitpanda Pro best exchange, Bitpanda best broker

According to’s review, we were able to score a double victory in both regards. Bitpanda products came out on top in both the professionally-oriented exchange category, as well as the more beginner-friendly broker category. Bitpanda Pro finished in the top position overall with a “very good” verdict. Bitpanda, on the other hand, ranked third and got the highest position among beginner-oriented broker platforms with a “very good” rating.

Bitpanda products with best-in-class pricing, service and security

The comparison study, which was conducted by SWI Hamburg, put its spotlight on the overall customer experience, and this is where our products were able to really shine. In the pricing category, Bitpanda Pro was able to score a top position, as it offers the most competitive fees according to In terms of the variety of offered digital assets, Bitpanda was among the top ranks, as it offers not only cryptocurrencies but also precious metals like gold or silver.

As you can see, Bitpanda Pro and Bitpanda ranked first in terms of service, which includes aspects like features, customer support, ease-of-use and user interface. Also, in terms of security, both products were able to score good ratings.

Few trustworthy offerings

According to, one of the key problems of the industry is that a lot of platforms lack regulation and trustworthiness. They also acknowledge that while still being a volatile investment, cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more established as investments.

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