First of all I want to say ‘Thank you‘ for your help, support and extremely useful feedback over the past months. From the beginning we had the goal to build something convenient and at the same moment a service that is fully in line with law.

Things to come…

Today is an exciting day for us. Not only is Coinimal, the first Bitcoin merchant to cooperate with NETELLER, finally launching today, but there are also a lot more and exciting things happening in the next few weeks. I apologise for having been inactive in terms of communication outside the support level in the past weeks (thinking about Facebook, Twitter etc.). We want to change (that among others) with the help of this news section or blog and provide you with a steady stream of information.

Another bigger change is the moving of our office. From 20th April onwards our new residence will be at 7Brunnen Space in Vienna.

Price transparency & new account level system

In our buy section you can find a new more transparent overview. We abandoned the ‘all-in-one’ model and lowered our base price. This allows you to instantly see how many Bitcoins or Altcoins you will receive depending on the individual payment option.

As mentioned before we always try to manage the balancing act between compliance, fraud prevention and convenience. That is why the incredibly valuable feedback we received from the community led us to our new verification system which will make our service more attractive to a wider audience. You can now sell your Bitcoins or Altcoins fast and easiliy, independently from your account status. Additionally, the Bronze status will give you the opportunity to test our service without the necessity of a full verification.

Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting news!

Kind regards,

Eric Demuth