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5 reasons why you should hold BEST as a Bitpanda user


By DecFromBitpanda

BEST (the Bitpanda Ecosystem Token)is your key to getting the most out of Bitpanda. As we are rolling out new features, BEST holders are about to enjoy a wide range of benefits.

#1 - You get 25% off your trading fees

From October 30th, as a BEST holder you will be able to pay trading fees on Bitpanda and Bitpanda Pro using BEST and will receive a 25% reduction on their fees. You just have to hold BEST, choose to pay trading fees with BEST and the reduction will automatically be deducted from your BEST wallet. So even if you are not interested in BEST as a speculative asset, it’s still a good idea to hold some BEST to get a significant discount on trading fees. Make sure you stock up!

#2 - Bitpanda guarantees a minimum BEST value of €0.12 for paying fees

Regardless of what the current price of BEST is, Bitpanda guarantees you that in the first year (that is, the remainder of 2019 and 2020) one BEST will always have a minimum value of €0.12 when you use it for paying fees. The guaranteed minimum value of one BEST for paying fees will increase over time -  for example, it is going to be €0.132 in 2021 and €0.145 in 2022. To be more specific, this means that when you use BEST to pay for fees, it is either worth its current market value or, if the market value is lower, the minimum BEST value for fees.

#3 - Constant token burn to decrease the supply of BEST

The first BEST token burn event is going to take place after the first quarter of 2020. In early April 2020, we will destroy 25% of the amount of BEST received from users who paid trading fees with BEST. This will continue on a quarterly basis until 50% of the total BEST supply is destroyed.

#4 - Priority access to the upcoming Bitpanda Launchpad

Are you ready for priority access to the Bitpanda Launchpad? Users holding at least 5,000 BEST qualify for access to unique investment opportunities via the upcoming Bitpanda Launchpad on Bitpanda Pro, such as investments in real estate through Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO). Bitpanda’s goal is to offer easy access to our users on the one hand and to provide consultancy to interested third parties on the other. The Bitpanda Launchpad is set to be a crucial feature in our vision of becoming an investment platform for all kinds of digital assets.

#5 - Start with higher revenue share as a Bitpanda Affiliate

Did you know that Bitpanda Affiliates also receive special benefits for holding a specific amount of BEST? Affiliates who hold at least 50,000 BEST and who have reached Reward Level 2 will automatically earn 14% (instead of 10%) revenue for referring new customers (up to a maximum of 20%). Affiliates holding at least 500,000 BEST and who have reached Reward Level 3 will earn 18% revenue share.

So what now?

Make sure you get ready for October 30th in order to benefit from the BEST trading fee reduction and to take advantage of all the Bitpanda features for our users. You can buy BEST on the Bitpanda platform or on Bitpanda Pro. You can also swap any supported cryptocurrency, stablecoin and even digitised gold, silver, palladium and platinum to BEST and take advantage of the best of both worlds.

Ready to buy some BEST? Head over to Bitpanda and get your BEST now!