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Announcing a summer full of trading competitions on Bitpanda Pro

Bitpanda Pro

By Bitpanda Pro

We can promise you a sizzling summer as we host a series of trading competitions on Bitpanda Pro over the next few months.

Update (6th July, 2020): Congratulations to the winners! The top 10 nicknames according to the official scoreboard in the descending order are:

1. Helios 1699 (€6,000 in BEST)
2. matha_black (€4,000 in BEST)
3. Astraeus Bins (€2,000 in BEST)
4. Lelantos 88 (€200 in BEST each from rank 4 to 10)
5. Boxer_3143
6. Ourea Paucek
7. Mnemosyne 389
8. Metis Tremblay
9. kris.kulas
10. melonie_grey

Additionally, the following 10 randomly selected participants (with a trading volume above 0 and at least 10 trades) who rank between 11th and 50th won €100 in BEST each: shroud_3039, Rhea Paucek, Athena Jerde, Hades 694, ACE_3391, xPeke_2425, Crius 1520, Achilles 1721, aubrey.skiles, Froggen_3222.

The first trading competition conducted on Bitpanda Pro was a success: we hit record volumes, handled more than 74,000 trades and registered a total trading volume of over €82 million with the most popular markets being BTC/EUR, ETH/EUR and MIOTA/EUR. Now, we are happy to announce no less than a summer full of trading competitions, with the first one already open for registration from today.

Climb to the top of the scoreboard and win €6,000 in BEST

As with the last competition, the rules are simple again: trade as much as possible across all Bitpanda Pro markets and reach the top of the scoreboard!

The trading competition starts on the 22nd of June at 12:00 noon CET and ends on the 6th of July at 12:00 noon CET. The goal during those two weeks is to trade the highest volume across all markets on Bitpanda Pro. By taking part in the trading competition, you will have the chance to win €6,000 in BEST for first place, €4,000 in BEST for second place and €2,000 in BEST for third place. Traders who finish between fourth and tenth will win €200 in BEST each. In addition to this, we are giving away €100 in BEST to 10 randomly selected users who rank between eleventh and fiftieth with a trading volume higher than zero and at least 10 trades.

Register now to start competing on June 22nd

Head over to Bitpanda Pro to register for the trading competition via a popup. You have to register for the competition there by agreeing to the terms and conditions and selecting a randomly generated alias name directly on Bitpanda Pro. Then, you have to trade on any market between the 22nd of June at 12:00 noon CET and the 6th of July at 12:00 noon CET. All trades on any market on Bitpanda Pro will be taken into account. Your total 14 day trading volume is the aggregated amount of all trades on all markets.

Prepare for a sizzling summer full of competitions

To keep the heat up during the summer months, we will kick off the next competition straight after this one ends. So prepare for another exciting announcement on the 6th of July shortly after this trading competition ends.

Please note that continuous trading between two or more accounts belonging (directly or indirectly) to the same person or same legal entity (wash trading) is not allowed. We reserve the right to disqualify users who don’t abide by the rules. Read more in the official trading competition terms and conditions.

Pre-register now for the Bitpanda Pro trading competition

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