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Become part of our passionate community by joining the BEST Telegram channels and win Bitpanda merch


By Bitpanda

It is no secret that the Bitpanda Ecosystem Token, better known as BEST, is just shy of reaching cult status. Be one of six random winners on Telegram from all members of our BEST Telegram channels and win some awesome Bitpanda merchandise!

When we announced our IEO for the Bitpanda Ecosystem Token (BEST) in June 2019, which, let’s be honest, seems much longer ago now than we realise, we had no idea how popular BEST would become. Created as our own token to offer our users a way to get the most out of Bitpanda by providing access to exclusive rewards and offers, BEST has not only evolved into a sought-after asset but also a beloved feature of users of Bitpanda and Bitpanda Pro alike.

Why should I get BEST?

For all our users who are new to Bitpanda: it really pays off to buy and hold BEST. Not only can you use BEST to pay your trading fees on Bitpanda, you can also increase your BEST holdings by more than 12% a year with our BEST Rewards programme.

Bitpanda also “burns” (destroys) a significant share of the BEST tokens collected from our users’ payments for trading premiums on a regular basis - once a quarter. Read up on our last BEST burn here, where we burned an incredible amount of more than €12 million in BEST!

Finally, Bitpanda users who are holding at least 5,000 BEST in their wallet qualify for BEST VIP status and get exclusive access to services and special rewards. You can, for example, get a discount on Trezor hardware wallets or receive cashback in Bitcoin by using the recently announced Bitpanda Card.

Join our Telegram community and win Bitpanda merch

You should definitely become part of our passionate and friendly community around BEST. Nothing could be simpler - just download the Telegram app for iOS or Android and join the BEST Telegram channels from these links:

Also, make sure you check out our other Telegram groups. As a special surprise, we are giving away awesome Bitpanda merchandise to our community on Telegram! 6 random winners will be selected from all members of our BEST Official Telegram channels (English and German) by the end of February 2021.

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