BEST Burn #23 is here


By Bitpanda

BEST burn #23 is here

BEST is Bitpanda’s ecosystem token running on the Ethereum blockchain. We designed it to empower our community to get even more out of Bitpanda, with exclusive perks and weekly rewards. Read on and get all the details about the latest BEST burn.

Even in turbulent times, we’re always working hard to build and launch new and innovative ways to improve BEST alongside our regular BEST burns. Don’t forget, you can see what we have planned in the BEST 2.0 Vision Paper, and join the conversation in our Telegram and Discord.

The latest Bitpanda news 

  • Meet the team
    BEST continues to form the basis of our strategy at Bitpanda and that's why we are moving BEST into the global strategy team of Bitpanda. Firstly, say hello to Marco Schoisinger and Bernardo Stegmaier, members of our Strategy and Delivery team and creators of the concept of our latest BEST feature, Bitpanda Spotlight. With more than 4 years experience at Bitpanda, Marco knows the value of BEST best, and works closely with Bernardo and his wealth of experience in financial and strategic analysis to make sure BEST is heading in the right direction: 🌕

  • Bitpanda is top for staking
    With 24 new and existing staking options, and the chance to earn up to 63% APY* Bitpanda offers one of the largest staking coin offerings of the crypto world. And don’t forget, BEST VIPs can increase their staking rewards by up to 12.5% more. The more BEST you hold, the more rewards you get.

  • The BEST ever AMA (Ask me anything)
    Some of you might remember we recently completed our BEST AMA in February. The idea behind this was for the AMA to be community-driven so that the people who want to see BEST grow get to have their say and get answers to the questions they want answered the most. The whole breakdown of the answers can be found on Reddit here in English and here in German. We have kept all the promises we made in the AMA so far and intend to continue doing so going forward. You can also join the discussion yourself if you’re not already part of it, check out this article to find out more.

  • What’s next?
    This quarter has plenty coming for BEST, including new and exciting product offerings, even more Bitpanda Spotlight assets, all-new advantages and experiences for BEST VIPs and more. Maybe we can even find some merchandise to send out? Who knows? One thing's for sure, BEST is going in the right direction ⬆️

The 23rd BEST Burn is here!

We’ve just completed the 23rd burn of 2.782.172 BEST with a total value of €949.277, that’s 0.853% of our total supply. You can get all the details about our 23rd burn - including burn transaction - here. And check the Circulating Supply section to find out how much BEST is still in circulation here. Every BEST burn decreases the amount of BEST in circulation. This makes the remaining tokens more valuable, which brings greater benefits to our BEST holders.

A look at VIP levels 

We know you’re (literally) invested in BEST, and that’s why we’re committed to giving you the information and insight that you, the community, want to know about. We had lots of requests and questions, and one of the most frequent was the distribution of BEST VIPs to give you an idea of where you sit! Here’s the current BEST VIP Level distribution on Bitpanda broker:

There is always room for more, so please keep your questions coming. And don’t forget, BEST provides unique advantages when trading and hodling on Bitpanda, from weekly BEST Rewards, Bitpanda Spotlight listings, trading bonuses and much more! Thanks for joining us on the 🚀

When is the next BEST Burn going to happen

BEST + Bitpanda Spotlight

Our BEST VIP programme already gives people the opportunity to collect up to 0.25% of your trading volume back in BEST, depending on your VIP level. And now, with Bitpanda Spotlight, VIPs can also take part in exclusive giveaways and receive up to 5x free coins when they subscribe to Bitpanda Spotlight’s featured crypto coins.

For every new Bitpanda Spotlight project, there is a fixed number of giveaway tokens. These tokens are distributed between BEST VIPs that subscribe to the project on Spotlight. How many giveaway tokens you receive depends on your BEST VIP level and the amount of users that subscribe. For example, VIP level 1 would receive 1 x tokens, VIP level 3 would receive 3 x tokens, with BEST Level 5 receiving the highest number of giveaway tokens.

Where can I learn more about investing? 

Head over to our app for iOS and Android or our web app and check out the price developments of your favourite cryptocurrencies, stocks*, ETFs* and precious metals. Learn more about investing in the Bitpanda Academy and on the Bitpanda Blog. Don't want to miss our news? Follow our social media channels and subscribe to the official Bitpanda YouTube channel for our weekly recaps and video content. 

Please keep in mind that Bitpanda may at any time terminate the BEST Rewards and may decide not to pay them out. BEST rewards, as any other feature within the Bitpanda Loyalty Programme, do not represent a claim on or against Bitpanda or any of its affiliates and shall not be deemed legally binding. See also Bitpanda Loyalty Programme Terms for more details.