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BEST Burn #29 is here: plus get the latest Bitpanda ecosystem news


By Bitpanda

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BEST is Bitpanda’s ecosystem token running on the Ethereum blockchain. We designed it to empower our community to get even more out of Bitpanda, with exclusive perks and weekly rewards. Read on and get all the details about the latest BEST Burn plus a roundup of the latest BEST news and updates.

The latest Bitpanda news 

We recently celebrated BEST’s fourth birthday with a trading competition, and the BEST community loved it. When the campaign started, BEST token price was €0.3610. During the first week of the campaign, the price spiked to €0.3882 (+7.53% increase) and by the end of the promotion, BEST price marked a +3.88% increase. Plus, we also saw a substantial increase of BEST VIPs.

We’re also working hard with our internal teams to build the legal structure that will allow for a truly transparent and independent BEST ecosystem committee. We’ll be sharing further updates with the BEST community very soon.

Bitpanda Spotlight goes from strength to strength

For the early adopters and trendsetters, Bitpanda Spotlight just keeps getting bigger. We’ve currently launched 17 projects, each with a special giveaway exclusively for BEST VIPs. Check the graph below to see how much giveaway tokens have been distributed to BEST VIPs. We’ve also recently started working closely with the projects to better tell their story. You can learn more about Ergo, one of the latest Bitpanda Spotlight projects, here.

  • Bitpanda for business
    One of our major focuses for the rest of 2023 is the revamp and relaunch of our business offering. We’ll be optimising the onboarding process, making it even easier for businesses of all sizes to earn bank-beating returns on cash, benefit from international payment options, and invest in a wide range of digital assets, including BEST - all on one of the safest and most secure platforms in Europe. Learn more.

  • Bitpanda Club is growing
    Bitpanda Club is exclusively available to our most valued customers, including BEST VIPs Level 4 and 5. Gold members get enhanced support, a dedicated success manager and access to our early adopter programme. We also recently launched the Silver tier, and held an exclusive trading competition where Gold members had the opportunity to win an all expenses paid trip to Bitpanda HQ in Vienna. Learn more.

  • ETH staking (and unstaking)
    After launching Ethereum staking in May, any staked ETH was a locked staked asset. You can now unstake your Ethereum following a short two-day un-bonding period, which is a set time for staked assets to stay locked before they can be withdrawn, ensuring network stability. Ethereum can be unstaked in the newest version of the mobile app or the web-app, and you’ll get a notification when the unbonding period is over. And by holding BEST, you even get more staking rewards out of your staked ETH.

  • Higher Bitpanda Cash Plus yields
    Since the launch of Bitpanda Cash Plus, yields have increased significantly as they automatically adjust with central bank interest changes. With the latest interest rate increase, BEST VIPs can now earn up to 3.43% on EUR, 4.73% on their GBP and 4.92% on USD. Learn more.

Additional permanent BEST KPIs

In addition to the burned BEST and the BEST total and circulating supply, we are also adding two additional key performance indicators to our BEST landing page. We are happy to introduce the BEST amount held by users in the Bitpanda ecosystem as well as the year-over-year growth in numbers of our BEST VIPs. Currently, our users and community hold over 394M of BEST within the Bitpanda ecosystem. Our BEST VIP user growth is 2.98% year-over-year.

The 29th BEST Burn is here!

We’ve just completed the 29th burn of 1,366,310 BEST with a total value of €451,675. You can get all the details about our 29th burn - including burn transaction - here. And check the BEST Supply section to find out how much BEST is held by our users here.

When is the next BEST Burn going to happen

Where can I learn more about investing? 

Head over to our app for iOS and Android or our web app and check out the price developments of your favourite cryptocurrencies, stocks*, ETFs* and precious metals. Learn more about investing in the Bitpanda Academy and on the Bitpanda Blog. Don't want to miss our news? Don't want to miss our news? Follow our X and Instagram.


Please keep in mind that Bitpanda may at any time terminate the BEST Rewards and may decide not to pay them out. BEST rewards, as any other feature within the Bitpanda Loyalty Programme, do not represent a claim on or against Bitpanda or any of its affiliates and shall not be deemed legally binding. See also Bitpanda Loyalty Programme Terms for more details.