BEST Recap #13


By Bitpanda

This year’s third instalment of the Bitpanda Ecosystem Token Recap is here, where we sum up everything you need to know about BEST, such as BEST Rewards, partnership updates, token burns and more.

Sixth BEST burn

When talking about record numbers, let’s kick this recap off with our biggest BEST burn ever, where we burned (destroyed) more than €50 million in BEST or 23,162,374 BEST to be exact. Burn events take place every quarter until 50% of the total token supply is destroyed. Get ready for the next BEST burn on the 29th of July, 2021!

More benefits for BEST VIPs

Our users wouldn’t be VIPs without us providing any benefits. As we promised, we are constantly bringing new partnerships to ensure the best deals for our BEST VIP holders! For our latest collaboration, Bitpanda has partnered up with IntoTheBlock - a data science company that uses machine learning and statistical modelling to deliver actionable intelligence for crypto-assets - to help users (new and old alike), to analyse digital assets in an easy and understandable manner.

We are pleased to let you know that all of our BEST VIPs will receive a 50% discount on their monthly and yearly subscriptions to IntoTheBlock. So don’t forget to check your email inbox and look for a link to access your discount (please note that this offer is only valid while supplies last).

BEST Rewards statistics

BEST Rewards, our loyalty programme, can increase your BEST holdings by more than 12% a year! Just don’t forget to hold some BEST in your Bitpanda wallet (not Bitpanda Pro), complete at least one monthly trade and actively claim your rewards every month.

We are happy to see that BEST Rewards are so popular among our BEST holders, showing a significant increase compared to the beginning of the year. In May, more than 140,000 users claimed their rewards and, to meet the claims, we distributed 2,733,108 BEST to our Bitpanda users.

Above, you can see the percentage of active traders using their BEST to pay premiums on Bitpanda and trading fees on Bitpanda Pro.

Don’t forget that we offer additional benefits for our BEST holders when investing in Bitpanda Stocks*. As Bitpanda Stocks is offered commission-free, instead of commissions, we have spreads**. BEST holders exclusively have the option to pay the spread using BEST to get a discount of up to 20%.

Did we inspire you? Make sure to buy some BEST!

You can buy BEST on Bitpanda or Bitpanda Pro. You can also swap any supported cryptocurrency, stablecoin and even digitised metals and fractional assets to BEST. Happy trading!

Please note that we will stick to our policy to not report the exact amount of BEST collected for competition reasons.

*Bitpanda Stocks are contracts replicating an underlying stock or ETF. More information and the prospectus are available at

**For more information, see the Cost Transparency Document of Bitpanda Stocks.