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Bitpanda and N26 Launch Crypto Trading in Germany and Expand Across Europe


By Bitpanda


Today, we are very excited to announce that the successful Austrian-only phase of our partnership with N26, the largest digital bank in Continental Europe, has been expanded. N26 customers from Germany, Portugal, Belgium, Ireland and Switzerland will now be able to invest in a wide range of over 200 crypto assets from as little as €1, directly from their N26 app.

In 2021, Bitpanda's innovative launch of our API solution opened investing-as-a-service infrastructure to neobanks, traditional banks and fintech platforms. We provided these platforms with the ability to offer their customers a simple fully digital investment offering of their own, in a safe and fully regulated environment. 

N26’s journey has been impressive, beginning in 2013 as a payment app for teenagers, developing over the years and transforming the way millions of customers manage their finances today. The launch of crypto investment in collaboration with Bitpanda is further proof that they are committed to changing banking for the better with the latest technology, making it simple, fast and secure for their customers. 

Digital, regulated, and transformation accelerated

Finance in the 21st century increasingly relies on a fully-digital business model, resulting in unprecedented levels of disruption to traditional finance. Bitpanda’s investing-as-a-service technology and regulatory excellence, help both groundbreaking and established players accelerate their digital transformation.

From researching an asset to investing, monitoring a portfolio, and selling, the entire user experience occurs within the partner’s native mobile banking app under their branding and with their look and feel. Bitpanda’s technical infrastructure takes care of the backend, with a commitment to fully-regulated digital finance. This enables partners to focus on the customer experience, increase their service offering, remain competitive and add new revenue streams to their portfolio. 

Your design, our technology 

At Bitpanda, we are firmly committed to doing things the right way, not the easy way. As a result, more and more companies are partnering with us through our secure, fully regulated, and cutting-edge digital infrastructure; your design, our technology.

You can integrate and launch a world-class investment and custody platform, expand your service offerings and give your customers instant access to the asset classes of your choice, be it equities, cryptocurrencies, commodities, or precious metals. 

If you’re looking to evolve your business and introduce your customers to the world of investing, get in contact today.