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It’s official! Bitpanda becomes home to two new fintech leaders


By Bitpanda

We’re happy to announce that we’ve added two seasoned fintech chiefs to our management team: CLO Olivia Broderick (formerly of Checkout.com) and CFO Jonas Larsen (formerly of Lunar).

At Bitpanda, we’re focused on building the safest, most secure and most regulated investment platform in Europe and beyond. And let’s be honest — with the recent turbulence in the markets, this compliance-first approach is essential. By appointing two experienced players within regulated fintechs to our management board — Chief Legal Officer (CLO) Olivia Broderick and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jonas Larson — we’re set to keep at the forefront of safe, simple and secure innovation in digital investments.

Why them?

They’re regulated fintech leadership powerhouses. They’ve seen it, they know it and have done it. And they bring the right experience and know-how to guide critical areas of our organisation, ensuring we keep doing the right things right as Europe’s leading safe, trustworthy and fully regulated investment platform.

Olivia joins us from Checkout.com, where she led the expansion of its legal and regulatory teams, moved the business into innovative payments support and helped them to obtain their first crypto exchange licence. At Zopa and Barclays, she was a key player in driving other fintech innovations — from contactless payments and wearables to transforming a peer-to-peer lender into a fully regulated bank.

Jonas, meanwhile, has 10+ years of experience at Deloitte, auditing banks and asset managers and joins us from the regulated Danish neobank, Lunar. Whether revamping the world of finance on the client side or in-house, he has the proven track-record needed to lead our financial operations in what is a very complex and disruptive industry. 

Bitpanda CEO, Eric Demuth has said of their appointment: “Building our business with compliance and security is a foundational pillar of ours. So I’m thrilled to have Olivia and Jonas join us as CLO and CFO, respectively, and believe they’re powerful additions to our management team. Their strong leadership and experience within the legal, regulation and financial world of fintech will ensure we have a new next level team to continue doing the right things for our customers and business. I look forward to working with them as we continue to bring choice and confidence to investors everywhere.”

The vision

Olivia will lead the complete scope of our legal operations. This covers everything from the effective running and growth of our company, to dealing with the legal interactions with our third parties — whether these are our customers, suppliers or regulators. 

Jonas will lead our Finance teams across Europe, and provide our company with key financial insights to support our strategic and business decision-making — ultimately helping us maintain control and ensure compliance in an ever-growing regulatory environment through accurate, timely, consistent reporting and data.

What’s next?

We realise that it’s all too easy to say ‘trust us’, while providing little to no proof of why it’s true. Being the most regulated investment platform means we don’t tell people to trust us, we show them why they can. Having Olivia and Jonas onboard — two incredible experts in this industry that, like us, do things the right way — will help us to continue to innovate and push forward, all with safety and security remaining as our highest priority.

Let’s go! 🚀