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Bitpanda celebrates the launch of Pantos Public Beta


By Bitpanda


We at Bitpanda are thrilled to announce the launch of the Pantos public beta. This is a major milestone for developing technology-agnostic digital assets, and we're proud to be part of it.

Pantos, the first Multichain Token System, has been designed to make digital assets truly interoperable. This means you can move your assets easily between different chains. Whether it's Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, Cronos, Celo, or Fantom, you can securely transfer your assets. The public beta is currently live only on testnets.

Pantos also offers the possibility to wrap any native coin of the supported chains, making them blockchain-agnostic. The wrapped asset is always backed 1:1 by the original asset and can be redeemed at any time. Wrapped multichain tokens offer the same flexibility as native Pantos tokens for already existing assets and open up new possibilities.

Launching the Pantos public beta is a huge step forward in making digital assets more accessible and user-friendly. The Pantos team has worked tirelessly with researchers at some of the most renowned universities in Europe to develop the next generation of blockchain interoperability.

At Bitpanda, we are committed to bringing the power of digital assets to the masses, and the launch of the Pantos public beta is a step in that direction. With the ability to create your own Pantos multichain tokens, we enable anyone to create tokens with built-in support for a constantly growing variety of supported blockchains. The possibilities are endless!

We invite you to join us in celebrating the launch of the Pantos public beta and to be part of shaping the future of digital assets. Join the Pantos community on Telegram and work together to bring the power of multichain tokens to the masses.

Head over to the Pantos announcement blog post to learn more about the public beta and all its new features.