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Bitpanda Global Exchange Recap #1


By Bitpanda

Welcome to the Bitpanda Global Exchange Recap #1. In the first edition of this series, learn about the latest news related to the Bitpanda Global Exchange.

Welcome to the Bitpanda Global Exchange Recap #1. In the first edition of this series, you will learn about the latest developments, partnerships, promos and news related to the Bitpanda Global Exchange.

Chart drawing tools, API improvements, institutional onboarding and more

We’ve been busy on all fronts in the last couple of weeks: we added numerous features to the technical and the usability side of the Bitpanda Global Exchange as well as to the business development side. But let’s go through everything one by one.

Chart drawing tools

We rolled out advanced chart trading tools, which allow you to easily draw trend lines, interpret charts, apply technical analysis and last but not least, save your findings.

API deposit/withdraw (crypto and fiat) for bot users

Another very important and relevant feature for all bot users and professional clients of the Bitpanda Global Exchange. Bots are now able to use the API to deposit or withdraw both crypto and fiat.

Export feature for trade and transaction history

An important feature, that wasn’t ready at launch, but was finished shortly after. You can export both your trade and transaction history as a .csv file.

Percentage slider to define how much of your holdings you want to use

A straightforward usability feature: You can now use a slider to easily select the percentages of the holdings you want to use.

Institutions page with a separate, even more competitive fee structure

As we are in the process of on-boarding more and more professional and institutional traders, we launched a separate institutions landing page that caters specifically to them. Such clients not only benefit from an even more competitive fee structure, but they will also be able to use BEST to get a further discount of 25%. Which brings us to the next topic.

Plus lots of smaller updates

In addition to the mentioned updates, we also rolled out more things in the last weeks, like improved order book latency, a sorting functionality in the “My Orders” table and full order book depth.

Coinrule partnership plus a special promo for Bitpanda users

We’re very happy to announce that we partnered up with Coinrule, a smart trading-rule editor for cryptocurrency traders. This means that you can easily set up an automated trading bot, which acts according to customised rules or pre-defined and proven trading strategies.

To celebrate this partnership, Coinrule is offering a special promotion: Every Bitpanda user who wants to use their service gets Coinrule 1 month for free + 3 months at 50% of the regular subscription price. All you have to do is to register at Coinrule through this discount link. Then you should be able to see the discounts on the “Get Plan” page within the Coinrule web app as well as on the paywall when it pops up. Please make sure to disable ad-blockers before you sign up.

Upcoming: BEST 25% trading fees discount starting on October 30th

We will reach the first milestone for BEST on October 30th with the rollout of the first of many features for the Bitpanda Ecosystem Token. From this day onwards, you will be able to use BEST to pay for trading fees on the Bitpanda platform and the Bitpanda Global Exchange. By doing so, you will get a 25% discount on trading fees (buying and selling) for any digital asset and trading pair supported both by the Bitpanda platform and the Bitpanda Global Exchange, including digitised precious metals.

Note that we guarantee that one BEST will have a minimum value of €0.12 when you use it to pay trading fees, even if you buy it for less. Plus, you get the 25% discount on top. Nice deal, isn’t it?

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