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HODLiday Calendar week 2: Time for Cryptletoe


By Bitpanda

The holiday season is here and it’s already more magical than ever, especially with Bitpanda’s HODLiday Calendar bringing total prizes of €100,000 worth of your favourite assets. Discover the HODLiday Calendar on Twitter and join the celebrations. Every day, for the whole month of December 2021. Come join the party!

Week 2: Make a list, check it twice. Everyday is a trading coinpetition!

From December 6 at 00:00 CET to December 12 at 23:59 CET,  the theme of the week will be - as you may have guessed already - crypto.

How does it work?

  • Every day, we’ll have a trading coinpetition: we’ll announce the crypto of the day on Bitpanda’s global social media channels: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You’ll have the whole day to trade and get the chance to win.

  • The cryptocurrency will be selected among all the ones listed on Bitpanda - you can see the full list here - and it will be a new one every day (we love never-ending surprises).  

  • The top three traders of the day (each day from December 6 to 12 until CET 23:59 of each day) will win €1,000 worth of the cryptocurrency of the day. Only trades of the crypto of the day will be considered.

    For example, if the crypto of the day - announced on Bitpanda’s global social media channels - is BitTorrent (BTT), the three users that traded the highest amounts of BTT that day will be the top traders of the day.  

Are you new to Bitpanda?

No problem! You can participate in the HODLiday Calendar too. All you need to do is sign up on the Bitpanda web platform or mobile app, verify your account and start trading. To participate in our daily quiz, remember to follow Bitpanda’s global Twitter channel. 

Don’t let your friends miss their chance: share the HODLiday Calendar in true Bitpanda Christmas - and spirit - via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Telegram or any other channel you prefer. 

We’ve got more in store for you, so join our HODLiday Calendar and stay tuned! 

Your Bitpanda elves

Terms and conditions apply. 

Please note that if you win a daily prize you won’t be eligible to win other daily prizes in the same week. Trades made from Bitpanda Pro are not eligible for the HODLiday Calendar.