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For a very merry Crypt-mas: HODLiday Calendar week 4


By Bitpanda

The holiday season is here and it’s more magical than ever, especially with Bitpanda’s HODLiday Calendar bringing total prizes of more than €100,000 worth of your favorite assets. Discover the HODLiday Calendar on Twitter and join the celebrations. Every day, for the whole month of December 2021. Come join the party!

Read on to find out about what’s in store for you this week. Plus, we’ve planned something truly incredible for you on December 24 and 25. Santa’s coming to town, right?

Week 4: All I want for Christmas is… crypto 

  • From December 20 at 00:00 CET to December 26 at 23:59 CET, you’ll get to prove your knowledge on crypto with our daily Twitter quiz;

  • To be eligible, follow Bitpanda’s global Twitter channel, fasten your seatbelts for the quiz of the day, and quote the tweet with the correct answer until CET 23:59 of each day;

  • Every day until the end of the week, except December 24 and 25, three eligible users will be randomly selected. The prizes are €1,000 worth of the cryptocurrency transferred to each of the three winners that correctly answers the daily quiz;
    For example: if the question of a daily quiz was “Which puppy coin was the most recent to be listed on Bitpanda?”, the answer would be “Shiba Inu”, and the winners would receive €1,000 worth of SHIB each; 

  • Time to open your presents! On December 24 until CET 23:59, the daily prize will be incredible: the three winners will each receive €5,000 worth of the cryptocurrency that correctly answers the daily quiz. And there’s more coming. We know some prefer to unwrap their gifts a little later: that’s why on December 25 until CET 23:59, the daily prize will amount to €2,500

  • We’ll let you know if you’ve won via social media, and you then have one week to claim the prize - via social media, of course. Remember, your prize can’t wait forever: if the prizes are not claimed within one week, new winners will be chosen.

Are you new to Bitpanda?

No problem! You can participate in the HODLiday Calendar too. All you need to do is sign up on the Bitpanda web platform or mobile app, verify your account and start trading. To participate in our daily quiz, remember to follow Bitpanda’s global Twitter channel. 

Don’t let your friends miss their chance: share the HODLiday Calendar in true Bitpanda Christmas - and spirit - via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Telegram or any other channel you prefer. 

We’ve got more in store for you, so join our HODLiday Calendar and stay tuned! 

Your Bitpanda elves

Terms and conditions apply. 

Trades made from Bitpanda Pro are not eligible for the HODLiday Calendar.