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Bitpanda partners with Deutsche Bank in major milestone for the industry


By Bitpanda

Bitpanda has become the first crypto platform in the world to partner with a major international bank to provide real-time payment services for its users.

What the partnership will deliver

Through this groundbreaking new partnership between two of Europe’s leading institutions, Deutsche Bank will provide real-time payment services for Bitpanda users. Additionally, Deutsche Bank will provide local IBAN numbers for deposits for German Bitpanda users, meaning they will be able to deposit and withdraw money with confidence. 

This is the first time such a well-known and respected international bank has partnered with a crypto company to deliver this integration. This is a huge step for the whole industry and proof of the strength of Bitpanda’s brand, reputation and trustworthiness. We are once again setting the bar for the industry, and furthering crypto’s integration with the traditional financial industry.

Why we are making the change

We are on a mission to remove as many barriers as possible for people who want to take control of their finances. That means we need to offer a truly local service. Working with Deutsche Bank we can offer that localisation for deposit and withdrawals. 


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