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Bitpanda Pro introduces advanced order types, reworked mobile UI and more improvements

Bitpanda Pro

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In the most recent update, we added over 100 improvements to Bitpanda Pro. In addition to a lot of smaller fixes and additions, we are proud to introduce advanced order types and a reworked mobile user-interface.

New advanced order types for limit orders

One of the main features of this update is that we now offer advanced order types on Bitpanda Pro: Good ‘til Cancelled (GtC), Good ‘til Time (GtT), Immediate or Cancel (IoC) and Fill or Kill (FoK). Please note that the advanced order types are only available for limit orders. They can be used on the Bitpanda Pro frontend (desktop, mobile and tablet) as well as via the Bitpanda Pro API.

Good ‘til Cancelled (GtC): This is the newdefault order type for limit orders. The order stays active until it’s either executed or cancelled.

Good ‘til Time (GtT): The user specifies when the limit order should be cancelled. If the limit order is not triggered, the order closes automatically at the time specified by the user (up to one week). Please note that GtT will be to the specified minute. If you specify the order should expire in 1 minute, then it will be when that minute is over. So if you open an order with a 1-minute expiry at 12:48:55, then it will be cancelled after 5 seconds.

Immediate or Cancel (IoC): The limit order is placed and if it is not immediately filled, it will automatically be cancelled and removed from the order book.

Fill or Kill (FoK): The limit order will only be executed if the entire amount can be matched. Partial matches are not filled with this order type and the order will be cancelled.

Trading experience improvements and updated mobile UI with smoother animations

The new advanced order types are also part of the updated Bitpanda Pro mobile UI. With this release, we not only introduce smoother transitions between screens but also useful, new user-interface additions:

Green dot indicators that show users’ orders in the order book

Users now see their active orders in the order book indicated by a green dot. If the user placed a stop order, this order is marked by a half dot as the order is only visible to the user and not to others. If a stop order is triggered, it would be visible to others and indicated by a full dot.

Blink indicators in the order book

The order book rows now blink red or blue when there is a new price level added. When a row is getting dark or greyed out a price level is removed. When the amount number blinks red or blue it means that the amount on this price level was either reduced or increased.

Advanced order types also on mobile

The advanced order types mentioned before are also available in the mobile UI and can be accessed via the “Advanced” checkbox.

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