Bitpanda Recap: March 2019


By Bitpanda

Bitpanda has begun 2019 by gearing up for an interesting year and March 2019 has been one of the busiest months in Bitpanda’s history.

Bitpanda has begun 2019 by gearing up for an interesting year and March 2019 has been one of the busiest months in Bitpanda’s history. Find out what we’ve been up to right here in our monthly recap.

Bitpanda voted as one of Europe’s hottest startups

We made it into the Tech 5 community and were very pleased when The Next Web and Ayden voted Bitpanda as one of Europe’s hottest startups.

Bitpanda platform is now available in French — très bien !

We added French as an available language on the Bitpanda website. Now French speakers have the option to use the whole platform in French which brings our total supported languages to three.

Eric Demuth gave a keynote at the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber

Bitpanda co-founder and CEO Eric Demuth, who you can follow on Twitter right here, took part in a panel discussion and gave his opinion about the future of banking alongside other experts in the field.

Bitpanda and Trezor

Good news for Trezor users. You are now able to buy cryptocurrencies directly in your Trezor wallet. Just click ‘Buy’, and you will see Bitpanda listed as an option making it a lot easier to get your hands on your cryptocurrency.

Bitpanda Savings
Exciting news for our users. We introduced Bitpanda Savings, a handy feature which will allow you to automatically purchase your digital assets on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. There are many benefits to accumulating things like Bitcoin this way such as the cost averaging effect which you can learn about here.

Tether added to Bitpanda

In the first step toward our expansion into new asset classes, we added the stablecoin Tether to Bitpanda. Users can now buy, sell, send and withdraw Tether to their accounts. The was a milestone for us and paves the way for an exciting 2019. Learn more about stablecoins and their purpose right here.

USD Coin added to Bitpanda

After the successful launch of Tether, we wasted no time in integrating another popular stablecoin — USD Coin.

Lisk available to trade

After you all voted in our community coin integration polls on Twitter, we added Lisk to the Bitpanda platform for buying and selling. The other options were: Dogecoin, Basic Attention Token and Golem.

Cardano fully integrated

After a successful trade-only integration of Cardano ($ADA) and rigorous wallet testing. We were happy to announce that users can now buy, sell, send and receive Cardano.

iDEAL as a new payment method

This one is most interesting for our Dutch users where iDEAL is the preferred payment method. As we understand flexibility is essential when trading digital assets — we added it to our platform.

Bitpanda Magazine launch

Did you already know about Bitpanda Magazine? Our second blog where you can find information on a range of subjects, from news about our dynamic company and recent fintech developments — to what life is like in the Austrian capital. We’ve already published a lot of great articles so go and take a look.

Bitpanda Savings giveaway

To celebrate the launch of Bitpanda Savings, every verified user who creates a savings plan through Bitpanda will be credited with a cryptocurrency gift between the value of 5 and 200 EUR. The giveaway is ongoing.

Revamped Tell a Friend

Did you know you can make money referring your friends to Bitpanda? Well, we just updated our Tell a Friend program to make it even sweeter for you and those you bring to the platform. Both you and your friend will earn 10 EUR, all they have to do is: sign up, be fully verified and trade a minimum of 10 Euro. That’s all so go check it out and get earning.

Social Media

Did you know about our subreddit? If not, then you should head over and subscribe. Following one of our channels is by far the best way to stay informed about Bitpanda and take part in the discussion as we grow and expand.

Want To Become Part Of The Fintech Revolution?

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That’s all for March.

Kind regards from Vienna,

Team Bitpanda.