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Bitpanda: safe & simple investing

Brinsley Bailey

By Brinsley Bailey


The world of investment can be a tricky place to navigate with credit default swaps, compound annual growth rates, high-yield securities… ahhh forget all the banking blah blah! The old financial system is complex, exclusive, and frankly - boring. Plus, it’s keeping the rest of us from getting the most out of our money. At Bitpanda, we believe you should invest in what you want, when you want.

Welcome to the weird and wonderful new world of safe investing. Bitpanda is a place where everyone gets a seat at the table. Where you can invest in a slice of your favourite coffee company* with a few taps on your phone. Where cute Japanese dogs are coins that you can trade for other coins, and where that €1 in your pocket is all you need to make a new beginning. Everyone is invited to become an investor through Bitpanda. 

What makes us different? 

Whether you’re new to digital investment or a savvy veteran, there are a few things we thought you’d like to know about us before you decide to invest:

Bitpanda is safe

We take our users’ safety very seriously. Security is a natural and foundational part of everything we do from developing and deploying code to building and running our platform. Bottom line: Is Bitpanda safe? Yes. Is Bitpanda legit? Absolutely. Surely 3 million people can’t be wrong. 

Bitpanda is convenient

We offer a platform without digital walls and complex barriers. A platform that truly empowers you to see new possibilities for your money and helps make them a reality. You can invest in your choice of stocks*, cryptocurrencies and metals — 24/7. Get started in minutes

Bitpanda is secure

We are proud to operate in accordance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with strict security measures in place that meet high international safety standards. Privacy matters, which is why we ensure that our users’ data is safely stored, processed, pseudonymised and anonymised. We are also happy to share some steps that you can take to secure your account

Bitpanda is regulated

We place paramount importance on protecting our users and are a registered digital assets service provider with the Austrian and French Financial Market Authorities. Bitpanda Financial Services GmbH holds a MiFID II investment firm licence and our stringent user verification processes are fully compliant with AML5. The Bitpanda Group diligently follows European law and regulations, and Bitpanda Payments GmbH possesses a payment service provider licence under PSD2, recently becoming an E-Money Institute

Bitpanda has A LOT of digital assets

You can choose from over 1,000 assets on our platform and create your own journey towards financial independence. Whether you want to invest in the latest crypto, fortify your portfolio with precious metals, or invest in your favourite brands with Bitpanda Stocks - the choice is yours.

Ready to take your seat at the table?

Start investing today. Simply register with Bitpanda then take your pick from a range of cryptocurrencies, metals, stocks* and ETFs* - invest from as little as €1. 

*Disclaimer: Risks involved. Stocks and ETFs are underlying assets of the contracts offered as Bitpanda Stocks and are brought to you by Bitpanda Financial Services. More information is available at bitpanda.com.

Brinsley Bailey

Brinsley Bailey