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Bitpanda Stocks just got twice as nice: 2,000 assets now available for you


By Bitpanda


Bitpanda Stocks just got twice as nice - literally: We've added hundreds of new stocks* and ETFs* to the platform, doubling our asset selection to 2,000. Start building your portfolio by investing in brand new assets like Nikola*, Victoria’s Secret*, Virgin Galactic* or Capcom* from as little as €1. Bitpanda is the simplest way to invest in fractional stocks* with any amount of money, 24/7, commission-free, and with tight spreads.

Time to talk stocks: It’s common for novice investors to shy away from stocks because the investment process appears complicated and inaccessible. Stocks are also generally considered to be more high-risk investments than other assets. But stocks can also yield higher rewards, making it a potential way for you to reach your personal finance goals and to build wealth in the long-term alongside your other investments. 

How to generate earnings from stocks

If you’re looking to generate income through your investments, there are two ways of doing that with stocks: You can earn money through the buy-low-sell-high process, meaning you buy shares in a company at a low price and sell them again at a higher price. You can also earn money through dividends, which are parts of a company’s earnings that some companies redistribute to shareholders. Both ways depend on how much money you are willing or able to invest. 

Diversifying - one of the golden rules of investing

One of the golden rules of investment is diversification. Diversifying your portfolio simply means reducing your investment risk by not putting all of your eggs in one basket. When it comes to stocks, one way of minimising your investment risk is with exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which are investment funds that contain multiple types of stocks. Many investors, especially those new to the market, turn to ETFs since investing in a diverse selection of stocks managed by a fund is easier and more convenient. They also tend to be lower risk than putting all your money into just one company or just one type of asset. 

Safe and simple investing with Bitpanda Stocks

If you’re ready to invest in stocks*, you’re in the right place: Bitpanda makes investing in and diversifying with stocks* and ETFs* easy and straightforward. With over 2,000 listed assets, you can invest in either full or fractional shares* of your favourite companies. 

If you invest in stocks* or ETFs* that pay out dividends, the digital equivalent of these dividends, proportional to your holdings, will be credited straight into your Bitpanda wallet. Start from as little as €1 and enjoy tight spreads, zero commissions and zero fees. You can invest 24/7, whenever is best for you, even when the markets are closed. 

Double the stocks, double the investment opportunities

We want you to always have the opportunity to invest in a wide range of digital assets, depending on your budget and risk appetite. That’s why we have now doubled the Bitpanda Stocks assets offering, taking our tally up to 2,000. 

The newly-added assets range from European to international companies, including household names like Virgin Galactic* and Pirelli*, recent hype stocks and commodities like Nikola* and Galaxy*, tech companies like Capcom*, or fashion companies like Victoria’s Secret* and Columbia*.

Start your investment journey with Bitpanda

Ready to claim your seat at the table? Start investing today. Simply register with Bitpanda then take your pick from a range of cryptocurrencies, metals, stocks* and ETFs*. 


The information shared in this article does not constitute investment advice. Investing in stocks and ETFs carries risks. Conduct your own research before concluding a transaction. 

*Stocks and ETFs are the underlying assets of the contracts offered as Bitpanda Stocks and are brought to you by Bitpanda Financial Services GmbH. More information about the product and the PRIIPs KIDs are available at bitpanda.com.