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Bitpanda teams up with Blockpit to help you save money this tax season + win €1,000 in BEST!


By Bitpanda

Bitpanda and Blockpit are teaming up again to offer you discounted licences and expert advice to help you optimise your taxes

Using Blockpit can help you understand how to save when doing your crypto taxes. Read on for invaluable advice and also find out how you can claim your Blockpit discount and enter our BEST raffle. 

Register with Blockpit for discounted licences and our BEST raffle 

A licence from Blockpit will help you keep your books in order and save money on taxes. But if you need more encouragement we’ve got some amazing incentives, too. Sign up to Blockpit via your Bitpanda link between 21 May, 2024 at 00:00 CEST and 28 May, 2024, at 23:59 CEST to unlock

  • Discounted Blockpit licences
    The Bitpanda community can benefit from a 25% discount on all paid licences.

  • Enter our BEST raffle to win €1,000
    Don’t miss your chance to be one of three lucky winners to receive €1000 worth of BEST if you purchase a Blockpit licence between 21 May, 2024 at 00:00 CEST and 28 May, 2024, at 23:59 CEST. Terms and conditions apply.

Plus, Bitpanda Club members can benefit from even larger discounts. Gold members will get a 50% discount on licences, and Silver members can enjoy 40%. 

Don’t let your tax deadline sneak up on you

Understanding your tax deadlines is key to making sure you’re able to make any applicable tax savings and to balance your crypto losses. Depending on your country of residence, there are numerous deadlines including the submission of tax returns, the payment of taxes, and the disclosure of crypto transactions.

Tax deadline in Germany 

  • Online tax return: 02.09.2024
  • Paper tax return: 02.09.2024
  • Tax return through tax advisor: 02.06.2025

Tax deadline in Austria

  • Online tax return: 30.06.2024
  • Paper tax return: 30.04.2024
  • Tax return through tax advisory: 30.04.2025

The taxpayer can extend both deadlines on reasonable request. Longer deadlines are possible, for example for representation by a tax advisor or a company trustee.

Tax deadline in France 

  • Online deadline for oversea residents or French residents who live in departments 1-19: 23.05.2024
  • Online deadline for French residents who live in departments 20-54: 30.05.2024
  • Online deadline for French residents who live in departments 50-101: 06.06.2024

Tax deadline in Spain

  • Online tax deadline: 30.06.2024

Blockpit is the easiest way to track your crypto and generate tax reports

With Blockpit, you can monitor your transactions and generate tax reports in just a few clicks. All you need to do is sign up to Blockpit via Bitpanda and then sync your trading account with your Blockpit account via the API import function. Blockpit imports your transaction data and automatically classifies it in accordance with the law, giving you a real-time overview of your tax liabilities. When you’re ready, you can generate a tax report that can be filed along with the rest of your tax documents.

How to purchase a Blockpit licence

Step 1: Create your Blockpit account following this link or by going into “My account” > “History”. To deal with your taxes:

  • mobile app: click “Export” and then on “Sign up to Blockpit”

  • web: click the button “Export” and then choose“ Tax report by Blockpit”.

Step 2: Register on the landing page and activate your Blockpit account via email. 

Step 3: Switch back to Bitpanda and select “API key”. Create an API key without an expiry date and select all checkboxes. Click on “Generate new API key”. 

Step 4: Confirm and copy the API key from your Bitpanda email.

Step 5: Switch back to Blockpit and click on “Add Depot” and choose “Bitpanda” from the list. Enter your copied API key and click on “Create”. Now all your Bitpanda transactions get displayed.

Step 6: Go to “Reports” and click “Calculate Report”. Purchase a licence to download your tax report and the 25% discount will be applied at checkout. After purchasing a Blockpit licence you are automatically eligible to win the raffle.


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