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Bitpanda unlocks financial freedom with AI by unveiling $10 million Bitpanda.AI division


By Bitpanda

We’re excited to announce that with an initial investment of $10m, we’re launching Bitpanda.ai, a new division dedicated to harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to shape a future where wealth creation is accessible to everyone.

We started Bitpanda in order to break down barriers and defy the old-school elitist thinking of the financial industry by simplifying wealth creation for everyone — and we’ve done this by leveraging the most innovative and disruptive technology out there. 

Now we’ve raised the stakes. While other companies are announcing they’re “embracing” the newest tech, we’re doubling down by creating a dedicated AI division with a first investment of $10 million. We’re not just joining the AI race, we’re setting our sights on leading it. Welcome to Bitpanda.ai.

The new-school of finance

Bitpanda.ai will serve as a dynamic hub for state-of-the-art AI-driven products and individually customised investing features. And the first product of this division is expected to be a game-changer: a fully conversational AI application that functions as a personalised wealth manager, providing open access to financial advice and investment strategies.

Investing for everyone

Our mission has always been to create a comprehensive and accessible infrastructure that empowers individuals to take control of their financial future and achieve their financial freedom — whatever that looks like for them. Now, we’re taking this mission a step further by becoming an AI-focused financial firm and integrating AI into our core strategy which ensures anyone can make informed and confident financial decisions.

Our co-CEO and co-founder, Eric Demuth, shared the vision behind Bitpanda.ai, "Bitpanda has already disrupted the traditional financial landscape by making investing available to all, not just the wealthy. Now, we're harnessing the power of AI to reshape personal finance by giving everyone access to their own wealth managers, accessible any time, anywhere, and which are customised to each individual's need. Ultimately, we’re enabling people to chat with their money"

AI isn’t the future, it’s now

We’ve always been the innovative player challenging the system because we believe that financial freedom is a fundamental right. The launch of Bitpanda.ai is another massive step in our journey, and as an AI-financial firm, we will continue to change the game. And we’ll do it by doing it. With the right thoughts, the right actions and the right execution. So keep watch because more is coming.