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Bitpanda welcomes Carina Wolf as Head of Legal

Eric Demuth

By Eric Demuth

We want to welcome Carina Wolf, our new Head of Legal at Bitpanda, where in her new role she is at the forefront of a dynamic, innovative player in FinTech.

We want Bitpanda to be known for healthy and lasting relationships with its stakeholders. We believe that these are the fundamentals which are necessary to attract and foster talent within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Now we want to welcome one of our newest key hires: Carina Wolf is our new Head of Legal at Bitpanda. We are really excited that a banking and finance specialist, with whom we already had the pleasure to work with for over a year now, will lead our legal department.

Carina studied law at the University of Innsbruck and specialised in banking and finance. During her 3,5 years at the international law firm Wolf Theiss where she managed an interdisciplinary team focused on fintech she successfully supervised the legal aspects of Pantos, Austria’s most successful Initial Coin Offering (ICO), which was started by Bitpanda and TU Wien as a joint scientific research project, in spring 2018.

In her new role as Head of Legal at Bitpanda, she is at the forefront of a dynamic, innovative player in the FinTech and cryptocurrency industry. “I am looking forward to the exciting tasks ahead. They include regulatory aspects as well as an overall legal strategy for the whole company”, says Carina Wolf.

Carina is already part of Bitpanda since mid-July 2018 and as such actively involved in the development of the new business model. “Being involved in the whole process is great and helpful for legal and the respective project team. As a lawyer you are usually only involved at a certain later stage which does not give you a lot of legal free scope. This is different now at Bitpanda.”

In addition to this, she wants to play a key role in the ongoing process of finding smart regulatory solutions for the innovative crypto and blockchain industry. “I am optimistic and think that with the right regulatory framework Austria can act as a very productive environment for blockchain businesses.”

Finally, I want to thank Carina for being as excited as we are to join the growing team at Bitpanda.

In the coming weeks we will reach the 100 team member mark, and we are still looking for talented and motivated people to join the company.

Eric Demuth

Eric Demuth

Co-founder & CEO