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Bună ziua Bucharest! Discover our latest engineering Talent Hub


By Bitpanda

We’re proud to announce our latest Talent Hub in the beautiful city of Bucharest! Led by our Director of Engineering, Rares Hutanu, we’re bringing €10M in investments to the local market and looking for the brightest engineering minds.

At Bitpanda, thinking big and moving FAST is exactly how we like to roll! So to round off a breakneck start to 2022, we’re incredibly excited to take the next leap towards the future and announce the opening of our latest top-notch Talent Hub in Bucharest, Romania. This Hub will allow us to continue expanding our strategy and attract the best tech talent to further support and enable our growth.

Since our start in 2014, Bitpanda has never been afraid to take the first step into the unknown, turning the world of investing upside down and making it accessible for everyone. Spread across 10 locations, we’ve recently increased our ranks to 700+ Pandas, and with even more to come, we’re extremely proud of our proven reputation as one of the fastest-growing Fintechs globally.

Why Bucharest?

We’re leaving no stone unturned. There is an incredible amount of talent to be found in every corner of Europe, and Bucharest is proving to be a real hotspot for the brightest tech and engineering minds. As a result, we’ll now be able to unite our Krakòw, Barcelona and Bucharest Hubs, along with the geniuses behind them, to build state-of-the-art technologies that leverage the blockchain for the future.

Rares leading the way

Let’s face it. Leaping into the future is never an easy task without the right people to lead the way. That’s why we’re thrilled to have Rares Hutanu on board. Since becoming a Panda in 2017, Rares has impressed us with his incredible growth and leadership skills. So now, as Director of Engineering, we couldn’t ask for a better set of hands to steer our rocketship in Bucharest. With 12+ years of experience as a software engineer and consultant for several companies and organisations, including UNIDO, he will be leading the charge to manage and scale this latest Talent Hub. 

With an investment of €10M in the local market, our vision for this Talent Hub will be to extend and develop our growing B2B2C Whitelabel product. However, the immediate priority will be to add to the 15 Pandas already in place in Bucharest, bringing the team to 70+ by the end of the year. With positions available in multiple engineering roles, we’re looking for those special kinds of people ready to leap head-first into the newest trends in technology.

Ready to invest in you?

If you like what you read and you’re someone who thinks big, moves fast and wants to make an impact right from day one, come and help us drive product innovation in our Bucharest Talent Hub! We’re on the lookout for Engineering Managers, Software Engineers (both PHP & Java), Mobile Software Engineers (both iOS & Android), QA Analysts, QA Automation Engineers, Technical Product Owners, Technical Recruiters and more! Check out our full list of open roles here — we’d love to have you onboard for an amazing journey ahead. Let’s grow! 🚀