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Ciao! Orlando Merone is leading Bitpanda’s Italy expansion


By Bitpanda

As the number of users from Italy has doubled this past year, Bitpanda has appointed Orlando Merone as its first Country Manager for the Italian market. To drive our expansion even more, we are opening a talent hub in Milan.

Orlando Merone is a leading fintech expert

Considering these developments, it was a logical step for Bitpanda to expand operations in Italy. To lead this growth effort, Orlando Merone has been appointed as Country Manager for the Italian market. Orlando has 12 years of experience in the development and go-to-market strategies of digital products. He is an expert in the fintech field, having worked with neobanks, payments and crypto-finance companies. Before coming to Bitpanda, Orlando added his expertise to Circle and Revolut, leading their business development and partnerships in Southern Europe.

New Bitpanda office in Milan

Following increased demand by Italian users, Bitpanda will also open a talent hub in Milan. “In my experience, Italy is among the countries with the highest opportunity for people to take control over their financial lives, and Bitpanda will create immense value for Italian customers. If our goal is to become Europe’s leading neobroker by expanding to new markets and adding new products such as Bitpanda Stocks, my goal as Country Manager will be to make investing accessible to everyone in Italy through our platform, by simplifying the experience and removing the fear and uncertainty associated with it,” said Orlando.

Under his leadership, Bitpanda is aiming to become a household name in Italy to eventually be the number one platform for digital assets. There is a lot of talent in Italy and the market potential is immense, so the company’s presence will be even higher in the future.

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