Coinimal is now Bitpanda


By Bitpanda

As of this week, Coinimal is rebranding as Bitpanda. Along with some changes to the site, and our new logo, we are also offering our own Bitcoin wallet.

We’re getting ready for a change in the crypto landscape. It’s still the same team, but we’ve a new name — and new features incl. our own wallet.

As of this week, Coinimal is rebranding as Bitpanda. Along with some changes to the look of the site, and our new logo, we are also now offering our own Bitcoin wallet. Over the coming weeks we’ll be implementing more exciting new features too — so stay tuned.

Getting ready for the future

It won’t come as any surprise that we’re optimistic about Bitcoin and crypto. There has been an explosion of interest in FinTech and in crypto technology over the past year or so and we can see that’s only going to grow even bigger in the future. We want to be ready for the next wave of adoption which we believe is just over the horizon. Coinimal served the needs of its time well; now we want to make sure that Bitpanda can do the same for the next generation of crypto users.

Faster and a better user experience — Bitpanda Wallet

Bitpanda’s user experience will be enhanced, we’re introducing the game-changer feature of enabling users to buy and sell coins right from the integrated wallet. That means it will be significantly easier and faster to store and sell bitcoins, not least because you won’t have to wait for a confirmation after your deposit, the coins will just be right there in your account. Transactions from our hosted wallets are free and because they are fully integrated with Bitpanda, you can instantly use your Bitcoins from your wallet for our different sell options without waiting for blockchain confirmations.

Low barriers to adoption

One of the other big advantages of this is that customers won’t need to worry about creating an independent wallet for Bitcoin withdrawals — a technical hurdle which can be off-putting for new users. We know that there’s a steep learning curve for anyone who hasn’t used bitcoin before and figuring out which options to trust and how to make secure backups doesn’t help with wider adoption.

Ultimately, this is about making crypto as easy to use, as convenient and as familiar as possible and giving users everything they need and want in one place. We’re pretty sure you’re going to like what we’ve done with Bitpanda — and there’s plenty more to come.