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Coinimal launches MasterCard and Visa payments


By Bitpanda

From April 12, customers of Coinimal will be able to buy Bitcoins, NXT and Ethereum using their Visa or MasterCard.

Austria’s leading cryptocurrency broker has now made buying coins easier than ever before. April 12th sees the launch of another new and very exciting Coinimal feature. From Tuesday, customers will be able to buy Bitcoins, NXT and Ethereum using their Visa or MasterCard.

Coinimal previously offered no fewer than nine different means to buy top crypto coins, including popular methods such as SEPA transfer, OKPay and Skrill. However, none of these match the convenience of using a credit card, which is otherwise the default way that people choose to shop online.

High security & low fees

‘Credit cards are by far the easiest and safest way to buy online, with the exception of cryptocurrency itself, and it makes sense to offer these advantages to our customers. Additionally we are very happy to offer our customers the cheapest price in Europe for this service!’, explains Coinimal co-founder Eric Demuth.

Coinimal users have to use a Mastercard with activated 3d-secure protection or Verified by Visa. Fully authorized Coinimal Gold customers can buy up to 350€ in Bitcoin, NXT or Ethereum with their credit card.

Adding more convenience

The new payment options cement Coinimal’s reputation as the most accessible and forward-looking cryptocurrency broker in Europe, with options to suit every kind of buyer. ‘Right from the very start we have worked hard to make it easy for newcomers to buy and sell bitcoin, as well as NXT and more recently Ethereum,’ adds co-founder Paul Klanschek.

‘We know how difficult it can be, having found ourselves in that position a couple of years ago — which was why we founded Coinimal in the first place, after all. Credit card payments are the obvious development to bring that principle to its logical conclusion. It’s the best of both worlds: using the most popular form of conventional payment online to access the next generation of payment methods and decentralised platforms.’