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#CryptoWednesday | 28 new coins & tokens from across the crypto universe


By Bitpanda


Get your digital wallets ready, because we are delivering the motherload of new cryptocurrencies as part of our monthly #CryptoWednesday drop: Say hello to 28 exciting new coins and tokens from across a variety of projects, including gaming, metaverse, smart contracts, DeFi, entertainment and football fan tokens. Invest in any of them for a chance to win €3,000 in BEST! Read on to find out more.

They say the more the merrier, and we couldn’t agree more - especially when it comes to adding new crypto projects to the Bitpanda platform. Over the last four weeks, we dropped 28 brand new coins and tokens from industries that are changing the game. No matter if you’re a gamer or NFT collector, DeFi aficionado or football fanatic, get ready to step up your investment strategy with these new additions.

New gaming, NFT, metaverse & cryptography projects 

Are you a casual gamer or already deep in the metaverse? Discover Illuvium (ILV), home of an open-world, play-to-earn fantasy battle game running on Ethereum, or check out SuperFarm (SUPER), a farming-themed utility DeFi protocol designed to simplify the launch of new NFTs without any code. We have WAX (WAXP), a purpose-built blockchain developed to fast-track e-commerce transactions. Then there is Yield Guild Games (YGG), a DAO that focuses on NFT investments. And finally we have Horizen (ZEN), a network of blockchains dedicated to top interoperability.

New smart contract platform & DeFi coins

Scaling is the name of the game with these new smart contract and DeFi crypto projects: Moonbeam (GLMR) aims to overcome the scalability challenges of the Ethereum network by bridging the Polkadot parachains and other chains. THORChain (RUNE) is on a similar mission, simplifying cross-network crypto exchanges by decentralising liquidity and eliminating the risk of centralised entities withholding access to financial assets from individuals. The objectives of SKALE Network (SKL) are the improved decentralisation and security of apps based on Ethereum by running smart contracts and fast transactions. We now also offer Frax Share (FXS), the world’s first fractional-algorithmic stablecoin system.

New entertainment crypto

Introducing our star-studded selection of new crypto projects that are focused on decentralising the entertainment industry. From the music streaming platform Audius (AUDIO) to community-first collectibles LooksRare (LOOKS) and the innovative move-to-earn Web3 lifestyle app STEPN (GMT), no matter what you’re into, there’s a crypto project that’s changing the entertainment game. Check out these projects and the other new entertainment-focused coins: Highstreet (HIGH), IRISnet (IRIS), Terra Virtua Kolect (TVK), Voxies (VOXEL), Adventure Gold (AGLD), BinaryX (BNX), Efinity Token (EFI), MovieBloc (MBL), PlayDapp (PLA).

New fan tokens

For all you sports fans out there, we have an exciting line-up of fan tokens from some of the world’s biggest football clubs. Show some love for your team by checking out these official fan tokens, now available for trading on Bitpanda: Manchester City Fan Token (CITY), FC Barcelona Fan Token (BAR), FC Porto Fan Token (PORTO), Santos FC Fan Token (SANTOS), Paris Saint-Germain Fan Token (PSG), Atletico De Madrid Fan Token (ATM) or Juventus Fan Token (JUV). Exchange these tokens for special VIP perks, like exclusive merch or match day tickets, and use them to vote in club matters, like design changes.

Invest and win €3,000 worth of BEST

Invest in any of these 28 new additions to get the opportunity of winning €3,000 worth of BEST.

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