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#CryptoWednesday | 3 new payments & assets tokens are joining Bitpanda


By Bitpanda


We’re happy to announce that we have added 3 more cryptocurrencies to Bitpanda. The new joiners are tokens for payments & assets: Ravencoin (RVN), Reserve Rights (RSR) and COTI (COTI). Plus, the good news doesn’t end there: Invest at least €50 in one of the cryptocurrencies we just welcomed and you’ll have the chance to be one of the 3 lucky winners to get €1,000 worth of BEST. Keep reading to find out more.

When we said we wanted to give our community the broadest selection of digital assets in Europe, we really meant it. We’ve been researching and evaluating a myriad of projects in the world of cryptocurrencies and we hand-picked legitimate, secure, trustworthy and innovative assets for you. 

After recently listing 6 decentralised cloud & Web3 crypto projects, this #CryptoWednesday we are introducing another 3 new crypto-assets. Let’s dive into the new payments & assets cryptocurrencies just listed on Bitpanda. 

What’s new? 

About Ravencoin (RVN)

The Ravencoin digital peer-to-peer network was launched as a fork of the Bitcoin code and focuses on asset transfers between parties and proper determination of asset ownership. It differs from Bitcoin in four key areas: lower block times, a modified schedule of issuance, a higher coin supply cap and use of the KAWPOW (formerly X16R) mining algorithm to mitigate the centralisation of mining. RVN is the internal currency of the Ravencoin network and needs to be burned if token assets are to be issued for assets such as real estate, securities, airline miles and more. Check out RVN on Bitpanda and learn more about the network’s mission on the official page.

About Reserve Rights (RSR)

The mission behind Reserve Rights is to provide people worldwide with access to a stable currency for combatting adverse economic phenomena such as high inflation and ongoing currency devaluation. The dual-token stablecoin platform setup utilises two tokens, the Reserve stablecoin (RSV) backed by an asset basket managed by smart contracts and the Reserve Rights token (RSR) for keeping RSV stable at a $1.00 target price, which is backed by a basket of cryptocurrencies managed by smart contracts. 

RSR is mainly employed in arbitrage opportunities in case of RSV volatility, it can also be utilised to vote on network governance proposals and you can now add RSR to your portfolio on Bitpanda. Find out more about Reserve Rights on the project’s official website.


The blockchain protocol behind COTI is aiming to optimise decentralised payments. Its platform allows companies, payment DApps, governments, merchants and issuers and stablecoin founders to create advanced digital products and payment solutions of their own. This also includes the digitalisation of any currency to enable global inclusion in finance. 

Online and offline payments including crypto, stablecoins, credit cards and native coins can be processed by COTI pay. COTI is based on a DAG structure and uses a Proof of Trust (Trustchain) consensus algorithm. COTI coins can be used for payments, application fees, network fees and token staking. We’ve just listed COTI on Bitpanda for you to trade and you can learn more about the blockchain protocol on the official page coti.io to see how COTI would fit in your investment strategy. 

Will Bitpanda list more assets? 

Yes, we’ll list new crypto every week! Every week is #CryptoWednesday at Bitpanda, which means we’ll keep listing and announcing new crypto assets on Wednesdays going forward. Stay tuned on our blog and social media channels - that’s where you’ll find Bitpanda coins announcements and all the details. 

Invest and win €1,000 in BEST

We have even more in store for you: Invest at least €50 in our newest additions and you’ll have the chance to win €1,000 in BEST. 

How will the raffle work?

  • Our raffle will run between Wednesday, March 23, 2022, 12:00 (CET) and Tuesday, March 29, 2022, 23:59 (CET).

  • To participate, invest a minimum of €50 in any of the new crypto projects listed on Bitpanda this week - Ravencoin (RVN), Reserve Rights (RSR), and COTI (COTI)

  • At the end of the raffle period, we’ll randomly select 3 winners - one winner per coin. Each winner will receive €1,000 worth of BEST. 

  • If you’re one of the winners, you’ll receive your prize on your Bitpanda wallet directly and will be credited within 3 weeks after the raffle has ended.

  • Read the terms and conditions of our campaign here

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