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#CryptoWednesday | 6 new Decentralised Cloud & Web3 projects now listed on Bitpanda

Brinsley Bailey

By Brinsley Bailey


You asked, we delivered. If it’s Wednesday, it’s #CryptoWednesday and we’re delighted to announce that we’re adding 6 new decentralised cloud & Web3 crypto projects on Bitpanda. Render Token (RNDR), Storj (STORJ), Flux (FLUX), Biconomy (BICO), Orchid (OXT), and Ankr (ANKR) are now listed and available for trading. And it gets even better: invest in the crypto projects in this batch and get 5% cashback in BEST straight in your Bitpanda wallet* - read on to find out more.

As promised, we are kicking our game up a notch to make sure our users have access to the latest and widest range of high-demand assets. From DeFi and NFTs to cryptography and smart contracts, we’ve scoured the world of cryptocurrencies to identify legitimate, trustworthy, innovative, and secure assets just for you! Let’s explore the latest decentralised cloud storage and Web3 infrastructure token additions to the Bitpanda platform. 

What’s new?

Render Token (RNDR)

The Render Network is designed to connect artists and studios requiring GPU computing power with mining partners who are willing to rent out their GPU capabilities to the network. This solution aims to reduce barriers for artists trying to enter the industry and to revolutionise the digital creation process. RNDR, the network’s token, is an ERC-20 utility token used for payments and exchange for GPU. All parties involved (including node creators and operators) need to hold the native asset to participate in the Render Network. You can buy RNDR on Bitpanda and find out more about Render Token on their official page

Storj (STORJ)

Storj is a decentralised cloud storage platform based on open-source hosting user data that employs advanced encryption to secure user data. Running on thousands of anonymous and independent computers, the Storj network aims to remove the need to trust centralised cloud storage service providers. The Storj token (STORJ) is provided to individuals or organisations wishing to store their data on the network and used to reward node operators. You can get STORJ here and find out more about the project on their official page

Flux (FLUX)

Flux offers a fully decentralised range of blockchain-as-a-service solutions that provide general services and cloud computing in DeFi transactions. The Flux Ecosystem consists of a next-generation, decentralised Web3 network with thousands of Flux nodes all over the world and the network currently hosts more than 30 DApps. FLUX is the network’s mineable proof-of-work token that is only distributed to hosters of hardware, miners, operators and used for on-chain DAO governance and bad actor mitigation. Don’t miss FLUX on Bitpanda and find out more about the network on their official page

Biconomy (BICO)

Biconomy is a protocol with a multichain relayer structure that is gas-efficient and scalable. The project is working on improving user onboarding and simplifying the transaction process on DApps, making Web3 products intuitive and easy to use. The network’s architecture enables users to purchase gas in an ERC20 or DApp token of their choice, allowing for gasless transactions. BICO, the project’s native token, is used for staking, providing liquidity, rewards and processes, in the governance protocol and is now available on Bitpanda. Find out more about Biconomy on their official page

Orchid (OXT)

The Orchid project has set out to offer users what it claims is the world’s first incentivised peer-to-peer privacy network in order to enhance VPN usage as we know it: centralised and location-based. Using a decentralised network, Orchid allows users to purchase bandwidth from any provider that is participating. Users pay for the VPN service on a pay-as-you-go basis, and only when they actually connect via what are called “probabilistic nanopayments”. 

The network’s token, OXT, also known as Orchid Coin, is an ERC-20 token that is freely exchangeable and used for per-packet network payments and trading - make sure to check out OXT on Bitpanda to add to your portfolio and read more about the Orchid project on their official page

Ankr (ANKR)

Ankr originated as a project for providing affordable hosting solutions via blockchain nodes and shared resources. Leveraging idle computing power, the project gradually evolved into a marketplace for container-based cloud services. The Ankr network enables users to deploy blockchain nodes in a simple manner that is highly cost-efficient in comparison to public cloud providers. 

Ankr is also developing an infrastructure platform for Web3-stack deployment to connect end users as well as resource providers to DeFi applications and blockchains. ANKR, the network’s native token, is needed to access blockchain functions and has a max supply of 10 billion coins. Effective immediately you can buy ANKR on Bitpanda - find out more about Ankr on their official page.

Ready for cashback?

We’re giving you (cash)back. The Bitpanda cashback campaign for the crypto projects we listed will run between Wednesday, March 16, 2022, 12:00pm and Tuesday, March 22nd, 2022, at 23:59 (CET).

How it works?

  • Invest in any of the new crypto projects listed on Bitpanda - Render Token (RNDR), Storj (STORJ), Flux (FLUX), Biconomy (BICO), Orchid (OXT) and Ankr (ANKR);

  • After the campaign ends, you’ll get 5% cashback in BEST based on the total amount you invested in these coins during the campaign period;

  • The cashback will be paid in BEST. For example, if you buy 100 OXT during the campaign period, you will receive BEST in the equivalent of 5 OXT in cashback at the end of the campaign, straight into your Bitpanda wallet ;

  • Your cashback will be credited to your Bitpanda wallet within 3 weeks after the campaign has ended;

  • Please note that the maximum cashback amount in BEST you can receive is 5% of your total investment in the new tokens and capped at a value equivalent to EUR 100;

  • Find the terms and conditions of our cashback campaign here.

When will Bitpanda list more assets?  

We’re going to keep listing new cryptocurrencies every week going forward. New tokens will be announced on the Bitpanda blog and our social media channels, so watch this space every #CryptoWednesday!

Where can I learn more about investing? 

Check out the price developments of your favourite cryptocurrencies, stocks*, ETFs* and precious metals on our app for iOS and Android or on our web app. Don’t forget to subscribe to the official Bitpanda YouTube channel for our weekly recaps and video content. 

You want to get a Bitpanda account?

Opening your Bitpanda account is fast, simple and secure via Bitpanda’s web app or on our app for iOS and Android. Go ahead and verify your account, make your first deposit using your favourite payment method - including SEPA Instant - and start investing right away. 


This article does not constitute investment advice, nor is it an offer or invitation to purchase any digital assets.

This article is for general purposes of information only and no representation or warranty, either expressed or implied, is made as to, and no reliance should be placed on, the fairness, accuracy, completeness or correctness of this article or opinions contained herein. *Bitpanda Stocks are contracts replicating an underlying stock or ETF. More information and the PRIIPs key information document (KID) are available at bitpanda.com.

*Please note that the 5% cashback disbursed to your wallet is based on total volume invested in the tokens of newly listed crypto projects during the campaign period, will be paid out in BEST and is capped at a value equivalent to EUR 100.

Brinsley Bailey

Brinsley Bailey