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#CryptoWednesday | 8 new interoperability & multichain and consumer-centred crypto projects


By Bitpanda


Boring Wednesdays? Not anymore. It’s #CryptoWednesday at Bitpanda and today we welcome eight new exciting coins. The new joiners are interoperability & multichain and consumer-centred crypto projects: Quant (QNT), Celer Network (CELR), Request (REQ), Kava (KAVA), Helium (HNT), Livepeer (LPT), Fetch.ai (FET) and Powerledger (POWR). Invest at least €50 in one of these new additions and get your chance to win €1,000 worth of the respective coins - read on and find out more.

Though spring brings you beautiful fields of flowers and sun-blessed afternoons, Bitpanda sets out to bring you the broadest selection of digital assets in Europe. Over the past weeks we’ve welcomed many new crypto assets: from Decentralised Cloud & Web3 projects, payments & assets tokens, to NFTs and Metaverse game changers and cryptography & zero-knowledge technology coins. This week, get ready to step up your investment strategy with 8 new interoperability & multichain and consumer-centred crypto projects. 

New interoperability & multichain coins

About Quant (QNT)

Quant has set out to connect networks and blockchains by solving the problem of interoperability by creating the first-of-its-kind blockchain operating system. The structure allows different blockchain networks to bridge their gaps on the Overledger network, which is the ecosystem where the team behind Quant believes the digital economy of the future will be created. Developers are able to build MApps, decentralised multi-chain applications on top of Overledger and use it to write smart contracts across a variety of chains. 

The network’s token, QNT, is required for various network purposes. Developers building a MAapp and enterprises using the network need to hold QNT. You can now buy QNT on Bitpanda.

About Celer Network (CELR)

Celer Network constitutes a part of the Polkadot ecosystem and is set up on the Substrate framework. Its purpose is to facilitate off-chain handling of transactions while unleashing the blockchain’s full potential. Rather than being based on a separate blockchain, Celer Network is based on a layer-2 scaling solution that is a networked system. This way, it can enable simple, secure and fast off-chain transactions for both smart contracts and payments in pursuit of its ultimate goal: revolutionising the output of DApps

Celer Network’s token, CELR, is based on the ERC20 token standard. CELR is used for the payment of commission fees for service and transactions to off-chain providers, for staking in the State Guardian Network that secures the Celer network, for acquiring status as a Celer State Guardian and for various purposes regarding liquidity. CELR is available on Bitpanda for you to trade. 

About Request (REQ)

Request Network plans to become the world’s go-to decentralised payment provider and processing provider for accounting. Request is an open-source protocol offering a decentralised payment system based on Ethereum. The project wants to remove the need for intermediate partners and offers features that allow users to use the system without the need to share user account information. 

The project’s utility token, Request (REQ), ensures the stability and performance of the network and is used as a means of payment through its blockchain. Check out REQ on Bitpanda!

About Kava (KAVA)

Kava is a cross-chain DeFi lending platform operating similar to a decentralised bank, but built on the Cosmos blockchain. On this platform, users can access a broad range of financial services such as the deposit of various cryptocurrencies, earning yields and borrowing Kava’s USDX stablecoins, which are pegged to the US dollar.

If users want to borrow USDX tokens, they need to deposit a collateral in the network. Beside USDX stablecoins, Kava has another native token, KAVA, a utility token that functions as a reserve currency should the system run out of collateral assets, as well as for governance processes in the network. You can expand your portfolio with KAVA on Bitpanda.

New consumer-centred crypto projects

About Helium (HNT)

Helium is also known as “The People’s Network”. That’s because this project is all about making connections better. 

In a nutshell, Helium wants to improve communication between wireless IoT (Internet of Things) low-powered devices, enabling them to communicate with each other through a network of nodes. Thanks to blockchain technology, these devices can send data across the Helium network of nodes and communicate with each other. The unique nodes in the Helium network are called Hotsposts and they are a cross between a miner and a wireless gateway, an incentivising formula that allows the users involved in network coverage across a set radius to earn from their hotspotting service. Hotsposts mine the network’s native token, HNT coin and users operating nodes also earn rewards in HNT. HNT is ready for you to trade on Bitpanda.

About Livepeer (LPT)

Livepeer is the open-source platform that has set out to offer the first fully-decentralised live video streaming network, offering a viable economically-efficient, blockchain-based solution for broadcaster companies. The platform also allows developers and users to participate in improving and managing the platform. Producers are able to submit their work and the platform takes care of the reformatting and distribution of content to streaming platforms. 

LPT is the project’s native token and is used as an incentive for node operators and delegators, for governance purposes, to secure the network and to safeguard the LPT network against attacks. On Bitpanda, you can now add LPT to your portfolio.

About Fetch.ai (FET)

The project team behind Fetch.ai has set out to democratise access to AI technology based on a decentralised, permissionless, open machine-learning network. The Fetch.ai project is looking to enable users to use autonomous AI for executing any kind of task and in some use cases includes transportation networks, DeFi trading services, smart energy grids and travel. 

The Fetch.ai project’s utility token is FET, an essential component of oracles and smart contracts on the platform which can be utilised to create, find, train and deploy digital twins (virtual representations of physical objects) for payments as well as staking for validation purposes. Do you think FET could be a nice addition to your investment strategy? You can now invest in FET on Bitpanda.

About Powerledger (POWR)

Powerledger has the objective to democratise energy markets and to provide consumers different choices. This distributed and decentralised platform allows trade and track features for energy, environmental commodities trading and flexibility services. The network is operating on two blockchain layers: the Ethereum blockchain and EcoChain. Powerledger has two tokens: the Sparkz token and the POWR token, which is based on the ERC20 token standard

POWR enables consumers and energy providers to interface with the ecosystem and serves a licence for businesses such as renewable energy operators, utilities, property developers, companies committed to 100% renewable energy and areas of sustainability. These businesses need to hold POWR to access the platform and interact with the ecosystem. Check out POWR on Bitpanda.

Invest and win €1,000 worth of the new coins

Invest at least €50 in any of the new coins we added in this batch to get the opportunity of winning €1,000 worth of each coin. 

How does it work?

  • Our raffle will run between Wednesday, April 13, 2022, 12:00 (CET) and Tuesday, April 19, 2022, 23:59 (CET);

  • To participate, invest at least €50 in any of the new coins listed on Bitpanda in this batch - Quant (QNT), Celer Network (CELR), Request (REQ), Kava (KAVA), Helium (HNT), Livepeer (LPT), Fetch.ai (FET) and Powerledger (POWR);

  • At the end of the raffle period, we’ll randomly select 8 winners. Each winner will receive €1,000 worth of the coin they invested in. 

  • If you’re one of the lucky winners, you’ll receive your prize straight to your Bitpanda wallet. Your prize will be credited within 3 weeks after the end of the raffle period. 

  • Find the terms and conditions of our campaign here

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