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Ethereum (ETH) is now available to stake on Bitpanda


By Bitpanda

Ethereum (ETH) is now available to stake on Bitpanda

The wait is finally over. After completing its planned transition to Proof of Stake, known as the Shanghai upgrade, Ethereum (ETH) is now available to stake on Bitpanda, bringing to the total number of staking assets to 28 coins and tokens that generate rewards.

Ethereum staking is now live on Bitpanda

Ethereum successfully completed the Shanghai upgrade in April, marking the final phase of its transition from a Proof-of-Work (PoW) to a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. The Shanghai upgrade allowed users who have deposited ETH to the Ethereum network via staking to withdraw their staked deposits as well as the rewards they have earned by staking ETH. Following the successful deployment, Ethereum’s Shanghai upgrade brought a record-breaking weekly inflow of ETH deposits for staking, mainly driven by institutional staking service providers and investors reinvesting rewards after withdrawal. 

Stake Ethereum and earn up to 5% APY* with boosted rewards

Why stake with Bitpanda? 

With 28 new and existing staking options, and the chance to earn up to 50% APY* Bitpanda now offers one of the largest numbers of staking coins in the world. Along with a world-leading range of staking assets, Bitpanda offers a simple, secure staking option for new and experienced investors. Enjoy booster and weekly rewards, no warm-up period, and the opportunity to earn even more staking rewards by becoming a BEST VIP. Plus, we regularly add new assets for staking, giving you even more ways to earn and diversify your portfolio.

How to stake ETH on Bitpanda

Staking Ethereum on Bitpanda is easy and only takes a few clicks whether you staking for the first time or you’re already holding ETH in your portfolio: 

  • Buy ETH if you don't hold some already  
  • Select ETH in your portfolio and click on Start Staking
  • Select the amount you want to stake and click on Stake Now.
  • That's it! You will now receive weekly rewards 

Invest in Ethereum here

Ethereum staking is currently only available through the Bitpanda web app. There will also be a short lock-in period on any Ethereum you stake. We plan to make ETH staking available on the mobile app and remove the lock-in period after June. 


The information shared in this article does not constitute investment advice. Investing carries risks. Make sure to conduct your own research before concluding a transaction.

Bitpanda Staking allows you to participate in transaction validation on proof-of-stake blockchains which you will be rewarded for. Please be aware that staking carries risks and you may lose the entire amount of capital invested. Make sure to do the necessary research before staking any coins. Bitpanda does not guarantee any reward. The estimated rewards presented include the application of Bitpanda fees respectively.

*Promotional period until end of May 2023. - APY may change along with market movements.