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Finally: Fractional Socks* are coming!


By Bitpanda

Have you always wanted to have only your ankle or toes covered, but didn’t want to buy a full pair of socks just to cover those tiny areas? We have the solution: at Bitpanda, we’ll cut them up for you, so you can have your fractional socks anytime without budgeting for a full pair!

Until now, if you wanted to have your favourite brand’s socks, or you couldn’t decide and wanted to wear more types at the same time, there was no way around it: full pairs had to be bought. Until now. Enter Bitpanda Socks*, where we cut your favourite socks into small fractions so you can wear the precise amount that you want.

After reading through all eleven comments we got requesting fractional socks on social media, we were convinced that if Bitpanda really wants to scale, we have to listen to what our users actually want.

Our development team headed right to the closest stationery shop and bought a couple of scissors, which, after the initial tests, turned out to be the perfect tools for producing fractional socks.

When the new strategy was approved, everybody got to work. As a celebration, the design team baked a cake for everyone, but somebody suggested to use it as the centerpiece of the whole campaign instead of eating it, so they took a photo of it on a purple table and did just that.

Also, the operations team glued together the first socks and confirmed the concept: they were very comfortable and very diversified. Even more comfortable if you are a BEST VIP, because we then use superglue instead of a glue gun when putting yours together.

Finally, the legal team, after discussing it with the International Sock Agency for weeks, issued a statement stating that the International Sock Agency has stated that there is nothing wrong with the statement of “wearing socks with sandals”, except that we can’t really use it because it’s illegal.

Last, but not least, as a rule of thumb, everybody agreed to postpone the launch date by 2 months, because why not. And so here we are today, announcing that we will launch the long anticipated Bitpanda Socks!

*Bitpanda Socks is a complex product mimicking the original wool socks but are actually made of polyester. They are easier to handle, more comfortable than wool and you can wash them 24/7.