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Get a pristine portfolio: Sweep up your dust and swap it for Bitpanda Ecosystem Tokens


By Bitpanda

Get a pristine portfolio: Sweep up your dust and swap it for Bitpanda Ecosystem Tokens

We’re constantly exploring ways to help you maximise your returns, diversify your portfolio and unlock your investment potential with exciting new products and asset classes. We also understand the frustration of having small, leftover amounts of assets in your portfolio, known in the crypto world as dust. Which is why we’re excited to launch the option to exchange dust for BEST, the Bitpanda Ecosystem Token.

Make the most from your portfolio 

This exciting option allows you to maximise your investments by converting dust into BEST, putting your previously unusable assets to work. It also helps to diversify your portfolio. If you haven’t already invested in BEST, this is an easy way to add valuable diversification to your investment mix and potentially improve your risk management strategy. We believe this innovative feature will be a valuable tool for you to unlock new investment opportunities and reach your financial goals!

How does it work? 

This new feature means you can now swap assets for which you hold dust (<€1 or equivalent) to BEST with zero fees, for a maximum of ten assets per transaction. To swap any dust you hold to BEST, simply: 

At the moment, this function is not available for Bitpanda Crypto Indices, Bitpanda Leverage assets, Fiat and staked assets, but we hope to include these soon. And as always, please make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the Bitpanda app. 

What is dust? 

In crypto trading, dust refers to tiny amounts of cryptocurrency left-over after a trade or transaction. Imagine spare change from your digital wallet -  too small to be worth much on its own, and often less than the minimum amount you can trade. It's a common byproduct of using crypto. 

What is BEST? 

BEST is Bitpanda's ecosystem token running on the Ethereum Blockchain. Holding BEST automatically qualifies you for the Bitpanda loyalty program, which rewards you for every transaction you make - and a lot more. Depending on your VIP Status, you'll earn higher rewards for trading, staking or spending your assets on Bitpanda.


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