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How do we decide which digital assets to list on Bitpanda?


By Bitpanda


Bitpanda is Europe’s fastest-growing digital investment platform. It’s regulated, secure and trusted by over 4 million people. We work diligently to give you the broadest digital assets selection in Europe and want to make sure the assets we offer are relevant, compliant with regulations, and valuable for our community. Find out more about how we decide which digital assets we list on Bitpanda.

Since Bitpanda was founded in 2014, we have evolved to meet the growing needs of our community and are now home to more than 2,500 digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, ETFs*, stocks*, commodities*, precious metals and crypto indices.

As we’ve evolved into one of the leading European investment platforms, complying with the regulations from authorities has remained paramount. That’s why we follow an extensive process to decide which digital assets will be listed on Bitpanda. 

The process 

The first step is finding potential assets we think you would like to invest in. Our team explores the market and researches various digital assets that could represent a valuable addition to Bitpanda and potentially benefit you. In the world of investing, new assets spring up constantly, but this doesn’t mean that all of them are legitimate investment opportunities. 

Before Bitpanda lists any new asset, there are several key factors we consider: 

  • Is the asset compatible with the regulations we follow? 

  • Is this a reliable asset? 

  • Will the asset remain relevant and useful for our community in the future? 

When a potential asset fulfils our standards, it goes into the trusted hands of our asset listing committee, which is a cross-functional team that conducts intensive research into compliance with the regulations, relevance and other metrics associated with short-listed assets. The potential assets are then subject to assessments from several departments at Bitpanda, and though this is a time-intensive process, we want to ensure our customers’ safety.  


After the promising digital assets have met Bitpanda’s stringent standards, we ask our BEST VIPs which coin they would like to see listed next. All BEST VIPs of level 2 and up can vote for the assets they’d like to see listed on Bitpanda. 

What is Bitpanda Spotlight? 

Bitpanda Spotlight is a platform feature designed to give customers access to emerging crypto projects. The feature sits within the high regulatory and safety standards of the Bitpanda ecosystem and hosts early-stage coin projects with trend potential, giving Bitpanda customers even more choices in how they invest. Bitpanda Spotlight is only available via web app, but will soon be available on iOS and Android. 

What’s the difference between Bitpanda Spotlight and a standard coin listing? 

Bitpanda Spotlight showcases coins that are difficult to access on most other platforms in Europe, allowing these promising projects to take centre stage. Also, the feature provides Bitpanda customers with an opportunity to explore and subscribe to coin listings before trading is enabled. Users can subscribe to a specific project, and become eligible to earn free tokens as well as receive a notification when the coin goes live. 

While the projects listed on Bitpanda Spotlight will have a higher risk profile than more established coins, everything listed on the Bitpanda broker will always follow the same stringent listing criteria. All offered cryptocurrencies and tokens have to go through the same vetting process as any other asset listed on the Bitpanda broker platform. The requirements take stability, developer and user number as well as blockchain and social media traction into account, amongst several other factors. So, they could make a valuable addition to a growing list of supported cryptocurrencies and tokens.**

Tell us which digital assets you’d like us to list

We regularly check your requests on social media, so tell us which digital assets you'd like to see on Bitpanda via Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, LinkedIn, Discord and our official Telegram channels.

We truly appreciate your input, but please note that we can’t always accommodate your listing requests. Assets that don’t pass our screening criteria won’t make it to Bitpanda, no matter the number of requests or messages. Bitpanda will only consider legally compliant digital assets that can bring value to your portfolio without jeopardising your investing experience. 

List your crypto project on Bitpanda

Are you a coin creator? You can now apply to get your cryptocurrency projects listed on Europe’s leading digital investment platform. 


The information shared in this article does not constitute investment advice. Investing carries risks. Make sure to conduct your own research before concluding a transaction.

*Bitpanda Stocks enables investing in fractional stocks via a contract which replicates the underlying stock or ETF. Investing in stocks and ETFs carries risks. For more details see the prospectus and PRIIPs KIDs at bitpanda.com. Commodities are the underlying Exchange Traded Commodities of the contracts offered as Bitpanda Commodities and are brought to you by Bitpanda Financial Services GmbH. More information about the product and the PRIIPs KIDs are available at bitpanda.com. Investing carries risks up to a total loss of the invested capital. Make sure to conduct your own research before making any investment.

**A listing on Bitpanda Spotlight does not constitute investment advice. Coins listed via Bitpanda Spotlight have a high-risk profile and it is important that investors understand the risks. These risks include but are not limited to, legal, regulatory, tax and market risks and a possible loss of capital.