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How does Bitpanda store digitised gold, silver and other precious metals?


By Bitpanda

Transparency has the utmost importance to us, so here is a step -by-step guide on exactly what happens when you buy gold at Bitpanda.

Trusted partners for real, physical gold

We have four trusted partners to hold and store users’ precious metals, philoro, pro aurum, GVS Bullion Group and Brink’s. Philoro, pro aurum and GVS Bullion Group are our business partners and providers of precious metals. They all have years of in-depth experience in the global trading of metals.

On the other hand, here’s some details about our partner who stored the metals, Brink’s. Safeguarding valuables since 1859, Bitpanda chose Brink’s because of their trustworthiness, reliability and their security services in more than 110 countries with over 150 years experience.

What happens when you invest in gold or silver on Bitpanda

So you want to buy gold or silver but have no idea where to start. You’ve done a bit of research and have found that you usually have to buy large volumes of gold to reap the benefits you would usually get as a high investor, right? Wrong! Just so you know, investing in gold and other precious metals on Bitpanda is not only super convenient but you’re also benefiting from competitive pricing!

Don’t believe us? To break it down, here is a step-by-step guide on just exactly what happens behind the scenes when you buy gold or silver on Bitpanda.  

Step one

So you just bought some digital gold on Bitpanda, let’s say about €200 worth. The process is the same as buying any other digital asset, which means that you can buy and sell 24/7 and you can start investing from €1. See for yourself here.

Step two

Ok, so you are now the owner of some real physical gold, pretty cool. But where does it come from? Well, Bitpanda acquires larger amounts of gold from our partner philoro. By doing so, we get a very good price because we buy large portions of gold (e.g. 1kg gold bars or larger) and not smaller amounts where you usually pay a lot of extra premiums. And this is how you are able to pay for gold with very low trading premiums!

Step three

After you bought your gold, you’ll be able to see your balance in your gold wallet on Bitpanda. The best part? There is no storage fee for up to 20g gold! For holding more, we charge a small insurance and storage fee. This fee is deducted monthly directly from your gold holdings.

Step four

So you have gold being held somewhere in the world, but where is it? The gold Bitpanda acquires is stored in a safe location managed by our partner Brink’s. We can’t tell you exactly where it is for security reasons but don’t let that worry you! The storage facility is fully insured, which means that even in the unlikely case that something happens there, your holdings are safe.

That being said, it’s always a good idea to be aware of hacks and scams regarding your Bitpanda account, read this lesson to help you protect your gold and other digital assets.

Step five

So you’ve accumulated your gold and now think it’s the perfect time to sell, go for it! When you want to sell your gold, you can do so 24/7, whenever you want.

Got questions? We have answers.

How can I invest in gold, silver, palladium and platinum?

This one is easy, simply go to Bitpanda Metals on our website and click “Get started now”, or, if you have an account, simply log in. From there, you have the option to buy, sell or swap gold. Make sure you are fully verified before you start trading!

What if Bitpanda goes bankrupt?

In the very unlikely case that Bitpanda goes bankrupt, your gold (and other precious metals)  are 100% insured.

Where is the gold stored?

We can’t tell you the exact whereabouts of the vault for obvious security reasons, but what we can tell you is that your gold is physically backed and stored in a high-security vault.

Can I get my gold sent to me?

Unfortunately you cannot get your gold shipped to you and you cannot go and physically retrieve your gold from the vault. However, Bitpanda has duty-free storage with no VAT. You can be in any european country and still trade your gold, sell it, buy it or more with low trading premiums!

Who actually legally owns the gold? Is it Bitpanda or am I the owner as a user?

When you buy gold on Bitpanda, you are the real owner of the gold or precious metal. We are simply the platform that offers the service of buying gold with ultra low fees.

Ready to make your portfolio shine?

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