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Interview with Head of Development, Stefan Scherzer


By Bitpanda

Today, we’re talking to Stefan Scherzer, Head of Development for the investment platform in Vienna about his role in managing engineering teams at Bitpanda.

Could you tell us about your start at Bitpanda?

I had a good start at Bitpanda! Everyone was very welcoming and available if I had any questions. And believe me, in the beginning, I had a lot of things to ask to get a complete overview of how things work here. I joined the company in late 2020, and given the whole COVID situation, I wasn't in the office for the first few weeks or even months. It’s been an interesting experience to start right away with the home office instead of being on-site in the office.

You’re looking for “Engineering Managers” to join the team. How do you describe this role to other people?

As an Engineering Manager, you’ll take care of your team members. That is the most crucial part. Also, making sure that processes are running smoothly and that we all make sure that we deliver outstanding quality every day together.

Why did you choose Bitpanda?

I was already fascinated by the whole crypto and blockchain industry. Therefore, I was interested in Bitpanda, even before I applied. In the end, the great interviews I had with one of the founders and our CPO were why I decided to join Bitpanda.

What do you think is required to be a good Engineering Manager?

Empathy is an essential part. An Engineering Manager should ensure fair and fact-based treatment for all their team members - I would not ask my team members to do things I wouldn't do. It is important to listen and to master challenges together. As an Engineering Manager, you should also be able to see the bigger picture to manoeuvre between future obstacles easier.

How do you think Bitpanda has contributed to your personal & professional development?

Within Bitpanda, you can learn new things more or less every day. We have great people, and you can learn a lot from every individual if you are open to it. Currently, we are in a hypergrowth phase that brings so many additional opportunities to grow even further at the job and in the company. Given all the stages we are experiencing as a hypergrowth company, there are so many things ahead of us that I am eagerly looking forward to this already.

What have been your biggest yet most rewarding challenges at Bitpanda?

Working together with such an amazing team every day to achieve our vision.

Three words that describe Vienna

Varied, multicultural and green.

Thank you

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