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Introducing Bitpanda 2.0: The Home of Cryptocurrency


By Bitpanda

We are very proud to introduce Bitpanda 2.0, which lays the groundwork for our vision of cryptocurrencies becoming an established financial asset.

As cryptocurrencies continue to become more mainstream and progressively accepted as a financial asset, we at Bitpanda are working hard and with a lot of passion on helping the industry grow and mature. We are very proud that we are now able to introduce Bitpanda 2.0, which lays the groundwork for our vision of cryptocurrencies becoming an established and well respected financial asset.

We created Bitpanda 2.0 with you, our users, in mind

A core part of our philosophy is that we embrace the fast paced, innovative spirit in the cryptocurrency community by listening closely to feedback and staying as agile and flexible as possible. Following this approach, we are already working on a couple of new innovations and features, which we will continuously introduce in the coming weeks and months.

Our vision is to establish Bitpanda as a hub for cryptocurrencies, that’s why we see ourselves as the “Home of Cryptocurrency”. It matches our approach and future plans perfectly: Making it as easy and intuitive as possible for new users entering the industry to buy or sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and more. While giving users who already use Bitpanda a streamlined user experience and more control over their portfolio.

Easily get started while having more control over your portfolio

Buying and selling Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and more is easier than ever before. We streamlined our verification process. There is only one verification tier and that’s it. Register, verify and get going. Buy or sell cryptocurrencies within minutes. At the same time, the new platform gives you more control over your portfolio. Register now!

Now supporting EUR, CHF, GBP and USD

In addition to Euro we now support Swiss Franc, British Pound and US Dollar. Knowing that we have many users from Great Britain and Switzerland, we are happy to offer them our service in their native currencies. And the best thing: You can use any of those supported currencies, no matter where you live and from where you are using Bitpanda.com.

Send cryptocurrency for free

Send cryptocurrency to other Bitpanda users for free and instantly. You don’t even have to pay the blockchain fee. Also, you can send them to any email address. The recipient just needs to create a Bitpanda account.

Growing list of supported cryptocurrencies

On Bitpanda.com you can easily buy or sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash and Bitcoin Cash. Now that our new platform is ready, we will continuously add new ones to give you simple access to the most important cryptocurrencies on the market.

Cryptocurrency broker with the lowest fees in the industry

We listen to user feedback very closely. So we are very proud that we’ve been able to significantly lower our fees, plus make them as transparent as possible: The new buying fee is 1.49% and the selling fee is 1.29% for Bitcoin. This step makes Bitpanda the cheapest cryptocurrency broker for instant buying and selling Bitcoin.

Unlimited wallets, all in one place

Create as many cryptocurrency wallets as you want. They can easily be accessed and renamed. This gives you more control over your portfolio and allows to manage your funds more efficiently.

Better usability and improved speed

Our user interface has been reworked from the ground up. Bitpanda is now faster and more reliable than ever. All of the most important functions like buying, selling and sending work can be done in three simple steps. Plus, the dashboard gives you a better overview of your whole portfolio.

Wide range of payment and payout providers

We offer lots of payment and payout providers to fit your needs and make buying and selling cryptocurrencies as pleasant as possible for you.

Quickly create and manage your personal contact list

You can either do this by adding people manually with their email address or add contact details to a cryptocurrency address after you sent or received a transaction.

Charts and price alerts

We added handy price charts for all supported cryptocurrencies. Create and manage as many price alerts as you want. You will get a notification and an email if the price crosses the specified line.

All New Tell-A-Friend System

The new system is as simple as possible: as a referrer you get 10 Euro, the referred user gets 5 Euro. User who where already part of our old Tell-A- Friend System still get their benefits and are now part of the Affiliate Program.

Easy Verification, done within minutes

Thanks to our industry leading verification process, new users can get verified within minutes. Just register, verify conveniently via our trusted verification partners and start trading right away.

Highest security standards

We store all funds in offline storage (cold storage) using state of the art encrypted hardware wallets. Additionally, Bitpanda.com uses SSL standard and you can activate Two Factor Authentication.

Who is Bitpanda?

Bitpanda is Europe’s leading retail broker for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. It is trusted by over 850k users. The FinTech Startup is based in Vienna, Austria and was founded in 2014.

We hope you enjoy our new platform as much as we do. We worked hard on it and will continuously add new features, innovative services and more cryptocurrencies. So stay tuned!

Kind regards from Vienna,
Team Bitpanda