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Introducing four new Bitpanda Crypto Indices


By Bitpanda

We’re always looking for ways to make it easier for you to invest in a wide range of crypto projects and diversify your portfolio. That's why we’ve added four new crypto indices for you to choose from. Now, you can invest in coins and tokens classified around a core theme. Choose from Metaverse, Infrastructure, Smart Contracts or Decentralised Finance (DeFi) and get a tailored and diversified crypto portfolio in minutes.

Meet the new Bitpanda Crypto Indices

The new crypto indices lets you buy multiple assets in an emerging area you are passionate about, without the need to continuously review and rebalance your portfolios manually. The four new indices are:

  • Infrastructure Leaders
    Projects supporting decentralised programmes designed to perform specific tasks.

  • Media & Entertainment Leaders
    Projects related to games and social media.

  • Smart Contract Leaders
    Projects supporting blockchain protocols that allow the hosting of self developed and third-party apps.

  • DeFi leaders
    Projects related to financial services built on top of decentralised networks with no central intermediaries.

Keep your portfolio fresh

The crypto indices will be rebalanced monthly based on market size and liquidity, while the underlying assets are purchased directly from Bitpanda and safely kept in cold-storage to ensure extra security.

Combine with savings plans to never miss out again

You can also buy, sell or swap the new crypto indices, with the tap of a button, just like any other digital asset on the platform. Or, you can combine the crypto indices with a savings plan, allowing you to schedule the automated purchase of assets on a recurring basis. Once a savings plan has been created, it automatically buys at the set time of your choice, allowing you to benefit from the cost average effect with maximum flexibility.