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Introducing the Bitpanda Card - spend your assets like cash


By Bitpanda

We are proud to introduce the Bitpanda Card. Use your card to pay for your coffee with Bitcoin, renew your Netflix subscription with gold and to spend your cryptocurrencies, metals and other assets like cash in real life, worldwide and everywhere that Visa is accepted.

In line with Bitpanda’s mission to launch new, industry-leading products and to give everyone access to financial markets, no matter their financial means, we’ve added the Bitpanda Card to our portfolio - you can now invest and spend your assets from the Bitpanda platform with a single, do-everything card.

What is the Bitpanda Card?

Spending your digital assets in everyday life has never been this easy. With the Bitpanda Card, Bitpanda is bringing finance in the 21st century to the next level. Use your Bitcoin, gold and other assets to pay for all your everyday transactions. Unlike other crypto cards, Bitpanda does not charge you anything for using your card other than the usual trading premiums that you pay when converting your investments back into EUR.

Get more from your money

The Bitpanda Card is more than just a crypto card. As a debit card connected to the Visa payment system, the Bitpanda Card is backed by Visa security and fraud prevention. Use your card with Google Pay and Samsung Pay. Spend your assets anywhere in the world where a Visa card is accepted: online or in person at a point of sale or make withdrawals at an ATM. Lost your card? Block and unblock your card easily in the app.

Simply set up your “Main payment asset” from any asset you are holding on your Bitpanda account - including fiat, all cryptocurrencies and precious metals. The moment you complete a transaction with your card, the asset you selected will be instantly traded to EUR and deducted from your EUR fiat wallet - no topping up is necessary, everything is done automatically in the background for your convenience. To help avoid failed transactions due to insufficient funds using your main payment asset, you can also set up a “Fallback payment asset”.

Keep track of your spending with real-time push notifications

Access your payment history in the Bitpanda App to keep track of your purchases and withdrawals and to view cashback rewards in real time. Receive real-time push notifications with every transaction you make.

Order your Bitpanda Card today

Make sure that you pre-order your Bitpanda Card today - currently available to all verified Bitpanda users who are residents in a country in the Euro area (these are countries which have adopted Euro as their primary currency) and whose assets have a total balance worth at least €100. To pre-order your Bitpanda Card, log in to your Bitpanda account via the Bitpanda App or Bitpanda Web App, select 'Card' in the menu and then follow the instructions on the screen.

How much does the Bitpanda Card cost?

Both opening your Bitpanda account and ordering your Bitpanda Card are completely free of charge, as is the initial shipment of your Bitpanda Card to you. There are no card fees, monthly account fees or transaction fees for payments in EUR.

When you use your Bitpanda Card, like tapping your card to buy your morning coffee, Bitpanda charges you regular Bitpanda trading premiums to convert your assets to fiat. The only fees we have to charge you when using your card are for non-EUR transactions (FX) and cash withdrawals at ATMs.

Exclusive benefits for BEST VIPs

As always, our Bitpanda BEST VIPs enjoy exclusive benefits. BEST VIPs earn cashback in Bitcoin (BTC) every time they use their card for a purchase and qualify for a number of free ATM withdrawals per month, as well as reduced foreign exchange fees.

Find out more

Find all the information you need about basic fees and conditions, card limits, all details on benefits for BEST VIPs, how to earn cashback and for answers to any questions you may have on the ordering, shipping and activation of your Bitpanda Card (FAQ) here.

Ready to spend your assets?
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