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Invest in Arm Holdings - An IPO within arm’s reach


By Bitpanda


Arm Holdings plc (ARM), the leading UK-based tech manufacturer and chip designer, launched its IPO (Initial Public Offering) on September 14th. Now you have the opportunity to get involved with one of the most highly anticipated IPOs of 2023 - Arm Holdings (Ticker: ARM).

A Tech powerhouse

Founded in 1990, Arm is a British semiconductor manufacturer and a leading provider of microprocessors, physical Internet protocol (IP) and related technology including security IP, graphics, multimedia, software and development tools. The company is a major player in the chip industry with clients including Apple, Google, and Samsung as well as more than 250 billion Arm-based chips shipped to date.  

Although Arm may not be a household name with your everyday consumer, the microprocessor designer has its hand in many popular tech products. From mobile phones and smart TVs to computer games and GPS navigation, Arm technologies are estimated to reach 70% of the global population. 

Arm’s new focus on Artificial Intelligence

Masayoshi Son, the CEO of Arm’s owner SoftBank Group Corp., previously highlighted Arm’s potential in the world of artificial intelligence (AI) with technology that could inspire "exponential growth.” 

In its prospectus, Arm underlined the reasoning behind its shift in focus toward AI. 

"As the world moves increasingly towards AI(Artificial Intelligence) and ML- (Machine Learning) enabled computing, Arm will be central to this transition. Arm CPUs already run AI and ML workloads in billions of devices, including smartphones, cameras, digital TVs, cars and cloud data centres. The CPU is vital in all AI systems, whether it is handling the AI workload entirely or in combination with a co-processor, such as a GPU or an NPU. In the emerging area of large language models, generative AI and autonomous driving, there will be a heightened emphasis on the low power acceleration of these algorithms.” 

Arm’s IPO - How you can invest

The highly anticipated IPO, which launched on September 14th, is expected to raise over $4 billion (USD), which would make it the biggest IPO of 2023. 

The Bitpanda community can get involved today with Arm (Ticker: ARM) by investing via Bitpanda Stocks*. 


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