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Invest in you! A sneak peek into Bitpanda’s world of flexible work


By Bitpanda

At Bitpanda, we believe there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to working, because everyone is different. That's why we’re giving our Pandas freedom and flexibility to find their right balance between work and their personal lives. After all, Bitpanda would be nothing without its people, and being a Panda is more than just a job — it’s an investment in yourself!

Empowering our Pandas

We're the home of the Panda people, and our success would be impossible without them. So as we continue to scale, we’re placing even more focus on flexibility and the wellbeing of our team — because everyone’s lives and needs are different.

That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce a new global approach for everyone on Team Bitpanda to invest in their continued growth, health, happiness and freedom as we work together to shape the fintech industry.

“We understand that just as each of our Pandas is unique, so are their life circumstances, needs and priorities outside of work,” says Lindsay Ross, CHRO of Bitpanda. “We are a company that grows at hyper-speed, and we expect a lot from our team members. That’s why we’re giving them the freedom and flexibility to choose what’s best for them. Investing in our people and giving them space to prioritise their health and wellness are key contributors to driving growth.”

Furthermore, we’re proud that the way we work will help set a new precedent that encourages employee flexibility — both in the tech industry and beyond.

“We want Bitpanda to be the place that offers everything our Pandas need to grow and keep up with one of the fastest-changing and demanding sectors,” says Eric Demuth, CEO of Bitpanda. “With our new ‘flexibility-first’ approach, we’re making sure that everyone has the opportunity to take time off after busy time periods and the support to be at their best.”

Welcome to the new world of work

As life returns to the “new normal”, we don’t believe our Pandas should be required to be “in the office” five days a week. After all, we’ve proven that we’re capable of not only adapting, but thriving while working remotely. 

That's why we’re going “hybrid”. This means on an annual basis, Pandas will have the ability to spend around 50% of their time working at their local talent hub (provided there is one set-up nearby), and the remaining 50% working from home. Of course, if Pandas prefer to be in the office 100% of the time, that's also fine — the choice is theirs!

Our hubs are 10+ coworking locations across Europe including Vienna (HQ), Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Bucharest, Dublin, Krakow, London, Madrid, Milan and Zurich. As we continue to grow, we expect this will evolve (fast!). We also don’t intend to heavily police this policy, as we treat our team like adults and trust them to divide their time by responsibly making clear agreements with their team. What works for them, works for us.

Ultimately, this approach will allow us to stay flexible without losing the opportunity for impromptu and innovative brainstorming conversations, plus social moments for our teams to celebrate their successes together. If there's one thing that COVID has taught us, it's that people have missed… people! So it's important that we offer our folks the ability to not only work together — but be together.

Unlimited paid holidays

It’s not about how much time you put in. It’s about what you’re able to achieve. That’s why from 1 April 2022, we’re giving power to all of our Pandas and becoming the first Austrian company of our size to offer unlimited, fully-paid annual leave (aka “holidays”).

We’re an impact-focused company, and we know our folks will work above and beyond the normal corporate 9-to-5. So to make sure they feel energised and motivated to do their best, we’re ensuring that everyone here has plenty of time throughout the year to take breaks, spend time with loved ones and recharge.

60 days working from anywhere

In case we weren’t super clear, our goal is to give everyone more freedom and flexibility. This also means working from a location of their choice which suits them best. Welcome to our Work from Anywhere (WFA) Policy!

As long as it's from a similar time zone and 80% of daily working time overlaps with the rest of their team (what we call the “80/20 rule”), Pandas can request to work from any country (that’s secure for our business) for up to 60 working days per year.

This 80/20 rule helps us guide effective collaboration and ensure learning continues. Beyond this, we've given the finger to traditional core working hours, and Pandas can adapt their schedules to best suit their lifestyles. Simply put, that means no more "9 to 5" — unless you want it, that is.

Sitting comfortably?

Forget working from a kitchen table! All our Pandas have access to a Work from Home (WFH) allowance to purchase all the key ingredients for an ergonomically-friendly set-up, like a proper desk, chair, lighting etc. It's also possible for everyone to book a personal ergonomic assessment (remotely or in-person) with our Occupational Safety Expert.

Get set to recharge

In addition to our unlimited, fully-paid annual leave, we’re introducing two fully-paid “Recharge Breaks” per year, at two separate moments throughout the year. During these times, the whole company will effectively close down, so that everyone — full-time, part-time and interns alike — can step away without worrying about overflowing inboxes or pressure to “always be on”. We want everyone to have the chance to fully disconnect across all teams, countries and time zones. During this time off, we truly want all Pandas to focus on themselves and their loved ones, and schedule some time to rejuvenate, try out a new hobby or travel.

Important note for our community: our 24/7 support centre will remain available during these breaks! We’ll have cover teams in place to keep things running, so users won’t notice a difference in service. Of course, the Pandas in our cover teams will only slightly delay their well-deserved break to another time that suits them best.

Support while you build your family

We know that modern families come in many different varieties, and to reflect this, we’re proud to introduce a gender-neutral, 20-week, fully paid leave policy for all new parent Pandas. This includes birth, surrogate and adoptive parents of any gender or age — regardless of sexual orientation or family construction, including same-sex partners and single parents.

This approach reflects our commitment to inclusivity and diversity in our workplace. Particularly when bonding with a new family member, we want our Pandas to feel they can fully focus on their home lives without added commitments or pressure from work; in time, we trust they’ll return with renewed enthusiasm, fresh perspectives and some great stories! The paid New Parent policy will come into effect as of 1 April 2022. 

This is only the beginning! 

Keep an eye out because we’re not finished yet! We’re constantly building more ways for our Pandas to invest in themselves, push boundaries and continue to grow!

Ready to invest in you?

If you like what you've read and you're someone who thinks big, moves fast and wants to make an impact from day one, why not hop on the Bitpanda rocketship and see how much you can grow? We're on the lookout for a People Partner-Product and Engineering, Product Marketing Director, Global Marketing Director, Senior Engineering Manager, iOS Software Engineer and more. You can check out our full list of open roles here — we'd love to have you onboard for an amazing journey ahead. Let's grow! 🚀