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Italrugby and Bitpanda present: Back to winning - Watch the docufilm


By Bitpanda


The Italian Rugby Federation (FIR) and Bitpanda present a twenty-minute docufilm retracing the path that led the Italian national rugby team to a day that will last forever in their fans’ memories.

6 Nations 2022 - Back to winning is a short documentary released by the Italian Rugby Federation (FIR) and Irida Produzioni alongside Italy’s main sponsor, Bitpanda. The film retraces the hard work that brought the Italian national rugby team to beat Wales for the first time ever in Cardiff, in the last match of the 2022 Guinness Six Nations tournament. 

The documentary allows fans behind the scenes of Italy’s growth, unveiling how this group of young, dedicated men became a formidable team, finally capable of breaking a 36 match losing streak and bringing home their first win in the tournament in seven years. 

Take a peek into all the training, highs and lows, difficulty and joy experienced by the team. Witness the intimate atmosphere of the pre-match dressing room, the ritual capping ceremonies, the gym sessions, the players’ and coaches' attention to every single detail, always aiming for improvement. Feel the unparalleled atmosphere in Rome’s Stadio Olimpico and watch the crowded, fascinating roads of Cardiff on the day of the last match. Listen to Kieran Crowley’s words to his boys ahead of the game against Wales in a climax culminating in one of the most joyful days for Italian rugby, celebrating the Azzurri’s return to winning ways in the most spectacular and competitive rugby tournament in the world.