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January AMA recap with Bitpanda CEO Paul Klanschek


By DecFromBitpanda

Last week, we held our first ‘Ask Me Anything’ of 2020 with Bitpanda CEO Paul Klanschek. Here's a recap of what was discussed in the subreddit!

It’s a new year and we already started with a bang or should I say - a burn? Last week, we held our first ‘Ask Me Anything’ of 2020 with Bitpanda CEO Paul Klanschek. There was a lot discussed in this session so I’m going to highlight some of the more interesting points for you. If you have a little more time, then check out the whole thread on our subreddit.

Bitpanda, Bitpanda GE and BEST

Question: 2019 was a HUGE year for Bitpanda but if you could relive it - what is one thing that you would do differently?

Paul: I would have hired more staff earlier so we had more resources in all departments to be prepared for all our features and launches. Playing catch-up isn’t much fun.

Question: With financial uncertainty in the U.K. at an all-time high, how will it affect Bitpanda or what can Bitpanda offer in the future?

Answer: Well, we have a company registered in the U.K. and if there is trouble (which we don't expect) then we can react fast.

Question: Are there any plans in the near future to reduce the barrier/price of Bitpanda Savings (€25) and offer more incentives for the young?

Paul: Absolutely. This feature is currently being worked on extensively and it will be way cheaper and easier to use in the future.

Question: You’re not doing enough marketing, when can we expect more!?

Paul: Our marketing team underwent a lot of changes in 2019 and is the fastest-growing department in the company. We recently hired a PR team who are already working hard on spreading the good news of Bitpanda and have already had several successes. We also hired a CMO who will lead the strategy in the future and we have already seen a huge growth in visibility and registration.

Question: Any update on the mentioned ‘physical product’ from Bipanda?

Paul: Closer than before but as I mentioned - no more pre-announcements!


Question: Do you have an update on bigger news?

Answer: We’re not going to make any announcements of announcements but what we can tell you is: we are now setting up a project management team dedicated to improving knowledge about Pantos. Expect a strong presence of Pantos at events!

Question: Will there be Pantos lessons in the Bitpanda Academy?

Answer: Yes, the team is working on adding it in the future.

Question: Who exactly is working on Pantos at the moment?

Answer: The researchers from the TU (Technical University of Vienna), the TU project lead, the in-house pantos researcher, the Pantos project manager and now the marketing team will be helping out more. We are searching for a Pantos community manager also.

That's it for today! Stay tuned for future AMAs!

That was it for this AMA. Everyone here at Bitpanda knows the value of an engaged and active community. This is why we put so much effort into listening to you and building a healthy, transparent relationship. You are the people who make Bitpanda what it is!

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