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Joining forces with Lydia to offer trading to their 5M+ users


By Bitpanda


Six months ago, we set out with the audacious goal of entering the B2B market by opening up Bitpanda’s digital finance infrastructure to third parties. Our White Label Solution enables fintechs, traditional banks and online platforms to create a fully-digital investment offering of their own, with the look and feel of their brand. Now the time has come and we are pleased to announce that we’ve joined forces with the mobile financial services platform Lydia, a real superstar in France.

Unlocking investing

Through this partnership made possible by our White Label Solution, Lydia users will shortly have access to a wide range of digital assets, thus being able to invest depending on their budget and risk appetite. We proudly welcome the 5+ million Lydia users in the Bitpanda community — they are now able to invest in what they believe in — commission-free fractional stocks*, cryptocurrencies or precious metals — from as little as 1€. 

Welcome, Lydia!

We were instantly blown away by Lydia’s innovative approach. Co-founded by Antoine Porte and Cyril Chiche in 2013, with a vision to provide a mobile app where one can do all their payments from a single place, Lydia started as a peer-to-peer payment app, initially targeting college campuses. The idea has taken millennials by storm, so extending to retail chains and e-commerce businesses marked the next logical step for the Lydia team. The company’s vision has further evolved to become the number one financial app that lets customers control their bank accounts and access various financial services. Fueled by much passion for the purpose, Lydia has become the most successful French B2C fintech company, with more than 5 million users. 

We are humbled to join Lydia on this exciting journey. Together, we will empower more and more people to make the most out of their money and discover the world of investing as it should be: at anyone’s fingertips, simple, fast and secure.

The White Label Solution, for you

Wondering if you could bring investment at the fingertips for your clients, too? You definitely could and, honestly, you should. Not only will this offer you a competitive edge, as investment goes mainstream, but you can do it simple, fast and hassle-free by using the Bitpanda White Label solution. 

The Bitpanda White Label solution enables you to leverage our trading and custody platform to offer a state-of-the-art trading experience to your clients: a wide range of digital assets available at a tap, 24/7, for any budget and risk appetite.

Let’s talk! Drop us a line here and let’s get things going.