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New week, new crypto: Bitpanda is getting ready to bring you the broadest selection of digital assets in Europe


By Bitpanda


The cryptocurrency industry is moving fast and so are we. At Bitpanda, we’ve been working relentlessly to offer the broadest digital assets selection to our community. And here we are, with 1,000+ assets available on our platform. But wait, there’s more. Starting in March, we’re going to list new cryptocurrencies on a weekly basis.

New week, new crypto

Yes, you’ve read that right. Starting in March, we will be listing new crypto on our platform on a weekly basis. We want to offer a fast, secure and simple investment experience for our community, all while ensuring the broadest digital assets selection in Europe is at your fingertips.

Crypto investors know that being early is critical to success, that’s why we decided to list new batches on a weekly basis. This way, our community can access cutting-edge crypto-assets in a flash, straight from their Bitpanda account. Exciting times - and we have more crypto projects ahead.

Which crypto are we listing?

New cryptocurrencies pop up every day. While we aim to eventually list all crypto projects out there, we also need to make sure all the digital assets on our platform meet the legal requirements and comply with our standards.

You asked, we listened. We received recommendations from our amazing community and we evaluated plenty of potential assets. We will start by listing the cryptocurrencies that were high on the wish list of our users this spring, while checking that they meet all our performance criteria and legal and safety requirements. 

Coin creators: we’re waiting for you

And we’re not done just yet! We’ve got more great news for you: the next crypto listed on Bitpanda could be yours. Coin creators worldwide can now apply to get their crypto projects listed on Bitpanda. Do you want to see your crypto on Europe’s leading investment platform and make it available to 3+ million people from all over Europe? All you have to do is apply here! All the assets listed on Bitpanda undergo a due diligence process led by Bitpanda’s asset listing committee. We will review all the listing requests and we’ll circle back to you if your project meets the listing criteria. 

New to Bitpanda?

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*Bitpanda Stocks enables investing in fractional stocks. Fractional stocks in Europe are always enabled via a contract which replicates the underlying stock or ETF (financial instruments pursuant to section 1 item 7 lit. d WAG 2018). Investing in stocks and ETFs carries risks. For more details see the prospectus at bitpanda.com