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Performance workshop day at Bitpanda


By Bitpanda

Our Product and Engineering teams continue to grow, with tech hubs based in Vienna and Krakow. However, with this growth, we have to ensure our culture of learning and improvement is kept strong; that’s why we’ve introduced regular team workshops focused on technical improvements.

Our Goal

The main goal of the workshop was to improve the performance of our system and its reliability. By clearly understanding the short-term performance challenges we face and their dependencies, we aim to identify new ways of bringing our system to the next level as we continue on our mission to make investing simple, accessible, and available to everyone.

Our CTO, Christian Trummer and VP of Engineering, João Luis, presented the what we know session, highlighting the known backlog and areas of improvement for the team. 

“We need to continuously push the boundaries of our system after the exponential growth we experienced since the start of the year. This means finding new ways of scaling horizontally and further developing our entire platform into a reactive system that delivers uncompromising levels of security and service quality to our customers,” said VP of Engineering João Luis. 

The workshop

We asked our developers to break out into groups, with a total of four spread across two locations: Vienna and Krakow, including one joining remotely. 

Each group assessed the backlog and identified whether it helped us to achieve the goal of performance improvements. They then broke down the identified items into one or multiple user stories while also linking dependent user stories with each other to evaluate them together later that day. Finally, we used the provided estimates to tell us which performance issues we could tackle within the timeframe and which ones we needed to postpone.


In the end, we are proud of the outcome, which was an actionable strategy on how to improve our team’s performance. We will be hosting more performance workshops in the future, and we’re on the lookout for those fast-moving, talented, “roll-up-your-sleeves-and-make-it-happen” kind of people who want to build Bitpanda with us. So if you’re someone who thinks big, moves fast, and wants to make an impact right from day one, check out our positions for Engineering and apply now! We’d love to have you on board for an amazing journey ahead.