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In safe hands — Trustology joins our den to become Bitpanda Custody


By Bitpanda

It’s official! Trustology has hopped on board the Bitpanda rocketship. Transforming into Bitpanda Custody, we’re keeping all of your valuables safe with this super-secure and state-of-the-art custodial wallet.

We’re thrilled to welcome Trustology to Team Bitpanda! As one of the fastest-growing fintechs, international expansion and growth are at the top of our agenda. With this acquisition, we’re offering a safer, faster, easier and more accessible route for institutions and individuals to access crypto markets — not to mention a competitor-beating pricing model!

Say hello to Bitpanda Custody

It might be a new name, but Bitpanda Custody is no cub! By combining it with our broker assets, Bitpanda Custody will instantly become one of the biggest crypto custodians globally and provide world-class institutional-grade security. This means that users will have access to even stronger safeguards and won’t ever have to look elsewhere to benefit from cold storage security at hot wallet speeds.

With Bitpanda now home to 700+ Pandas (and counting), we’re also celebrating the arrival of 15 more sets of paws which have been integral in leading Trustology to its status today. As our cultures and ways of working are already in sync, combining forces will bring two highly-skilled teams and products together, ensuring that this integration will be a roaring success.

Wave goodbye to custody fees 👋

As a result of this acquisition, Bitpanda’s digital asset exchange will commit to offset custody fees, bringing them down to ZERO for users on Bitpanda. This is truly unique to find, especially for professional users on exchanges.

But that’s not the only thing that our users will benefit from. With Bitpanda Custody, we’ve got a well-oiled custodial wallet service that serves to increase our users’ safety and trust in all our products. The fact that we're now able to perform custodian services in the UK (alongside our existing licences in the EU) also significantly expands our range of services.

And this is only the beginning! Soon, we’ll be doubling down on bringing new products to market, including building on Bitpanda Custody’s inherited DeFi functionality, creating even more benefits for all. Ready to safeguard your assets?

Come join us!

If you like what you read and you’re someone who thinks big, moves fast and wants to make an impact right from day one, come and help us drive our growth across Europe and beyond! Check out our full list of open roles - from Bitpanda Pro to Talent Acquisition and everything in between. We’d love to have you onboard for an amazing journey ahead. Let’s grow! 🚀